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Since You Went Away

Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Shirley Temple, Joseph Cotten, Monty Woolley, Robert Walker, Keenan Wynn, Lionel Barrymore, Craig Stevens, Hattie McDaniel, Agnes Moorehead, Guy Madison
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Bridget “Brig” Hilton tells her sister Jane Deborah, referring to Jane’s friends, "They’re all man-crazy." (0:17)

Brig’s mother Anne tells grocer Mr. Mahoney, referring to his son, "We’ve always thought Johnny was a fine, intelligent boy." (0:19)

Brig tells Jane, "You’re just crazy about uniforms." (0:20)

Boarder Colonel William G. Smollett asks Brig, "Since you are so ecstatic over the whole arrangement...?" (0:26)

Anne asks her friend Lieutenant Commander Tony Willett, "What are you looking so depressed about?" (0:34)

Tony tells the taxi driver, referring to change, "Don’t worry about it." (0:38)

Anne tells Tony, "Don’t worry."
Jane: ”Yes, Tony, don’t worry.” (0:40)

A soldier tells his dance partner, "... and I’m beginning to get right worried about her." (0:55)

Anne learns of the death of grocer’s son Johnny Mahoney in a plane crash. (0:57)

Tony tells Anne, referring to Anne’s husband, "As I remember, you and Tim drove everybody crazy wherever you went." (0:59)

Tony tells Anne, "Don’t you ever worry about Jane."
”You know that’s a little nuts.” (1:13)

Col. Smollett's grandson Bill tells Jane, referring to his father, "He was a colonel when he died." (1:20)

Jane tells Col. Smollett, referring to Bill, "He has an inferiority complex..."
”If you only knew the first thing about psychology, you’d know better than to try to browbeat him.” (1:30)

Anne reads her husband Tim’s letter to the girls, "... but I’m worried about your ration points." (1:42)

Anne faints after reading a telegram informing her of Tim’s status as missing in action. (1:47)

Jane tells Bill, "Now don't you start worrying about me, or I'll break our engagement." (2:06)

Bill tells Anne, "I hope you're not worried about what we were talking about, Miss Hilton." (2:09)

Bill tells Jane, "Don’t worry." (2:13)

Anne tells Jane, referring to a telegram about Bill, "It said he died in action at Salerno." (2:19)

Certificate: "American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology... Sigmund Gottlieb Golden M.D.... Psychiatry...”" (2:25)

Injured sailor Danny Williams tells psychiatrist Dr. Golden, “I’ve always hated the water, ever since I was a kid.”
Golden: ”... you won’t be afraid of the water
Golden tells Jane, ”Come, come, I mustn’t have another patient.” (2:25)

Tony tells Anne, "Don’t worry." (2:31)

Jane tells Emily, "Don’t worry, Mrs. Hawkins. Please don’t worry if our precious, well-bred hands come in contact with those mangled bodies."
Anne tells Emily, ”I haven’t hoarded and cheated and done all the other selfish, unpatriotic things that you’ve done...” (2:34)

Anne tells Tony"... I have children... who have courage and intelligence..." (2:39)

Maid Fidelia tells the others, "I’m just naturally, uh, psychopathic."
Brig tells her friend Gladys, ”Come on. Don’t be nervous.” (2:46)

Tony tells Anne, "... I don’t want to shock you..." (2:48)

Col. Smollett tells Brig and Jane, "I still contend that if there had been one lone, single, solitary grain of intelligence on our entire team..." (2:50)