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Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman

Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt, Eddie Albert
Dorothy Parker | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise
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Her agent Mike Dawson tells singer Angie Evans, "Of course I know it’s purely selfish..." (0:09)

Dr. Lorenz tells Angie’s singer husband Ken Conway, "You aren’t nervous, are you?" (0:17)

Radio announcer: "Ken Conway, the melancholy cowhand, presents another of his inimitable Western ballads." (0:18)

Dawson tells another car player, "You’re out of your mind." (0:19)

Ken tells his agent Fred Elliot, "Don’t worry."
Ken’s accompanest Steve Anderson: ”Now we’ve got to worry about income tax.” (0:26)

Angie tells nanny Miss Kirk, "You know, when I used to sing in night clubs, I was so plain scared I’d have to have two drinks before I’d even go on."
Miss Kirk: ”What were you scared of?”
Angie: ”Just people, I guess.” (0:28)

Angie tells Dawson, "Something tells me I’m going to get awfully high tonight, Michael."
”Bartender, would you please give me a cocktail shaker with some shaved ice and some brandy, and some absinthe and some Cointreau?”
”It puts poise in apathetic people...” (0:34)

Angie asks Steve, "Do I sound like a straight jacket case?"
Steve: ”No, just a borderline.”
Ken tells Angie, ”Don’t worry.” (0:43)

Steve tells Ken, "The stuff is packed, but Angie’s drunk." (0:45)

By telephone, Angie tells Ken, "I thought you’d worry." (0:55)

Dr. Lorenz tells Ken, "... there’s only one cure: That is to give up liquor entirely... Alcoholics must give up alcohol, live without it."
Angie asks Lorenz, ”Does that make me a lush or something?” (0:58)

Ken tells Angie, "You were like a crazy woman."
Angie: ”... you’re crazy about the baby.”
Ken: ”You’re still half drunk...” (1:11)

By telephone, Steve tells Angie, "... don’t worry." (1:15)

Looking at herself in a mirror Angie says, "... I hate you." (1:16)

Dawson tells Angie, "Don’t you worry."
Angie tells Steve, ”I’ll stay sober.”
”You don’t have to worry about me, Steve.” (1:20)

Ken’s administrative assistant Martha asks Ken and Steve, "Idiotic, isn’t it, how people in love react?"
”Don’t worry about what to say, Ken.” (1:22)

Lorenz tells Angie and Ken, "There’s nothing to worry about now."
Angie tells Ken, ”I needed to hit rock bottom before I could change.” (1:42)