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Some Kind of Hero

CastRichard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Ray Sharkey, Ronny Cox, Lynne Moody, Olivia Cole, Paul Benjamin, David Adams, Martin Azarow, Shelly Batt, Susan Berlin, Mary Betten, Herbie Braha, Anthony Charnota, Matt Clark, Jude Farese, Elizabeth Farley, John Fujioka, Raymond Guth, Anne Haney, Mary Jackson, Peter Jason, Caren Kaye, Enid Kent, Nancy Martin, Bill Morey, Warren Munson, Kenneth O'Brien, Antony Ponzini, Kario Salem, Pearl Shear, Sarah Simmons, Jon Van Ness, Sandy War, Aka, David Banks, David Byrd, Mathew Clark, Kenneth S. Eiland, Alberto Isaac, Leigh C. Kim, Stephen Kurumada, Richard McKenzie, Nicholas Mele, Harvey Parry, Bill M. Ryusaki, William Schoneberger, Danny Wong, Hayward Soo Hoo, Tim Thomerson, Toby Holguin
Year released1982
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His cellmate Sgt. Vinnie DiAngelo asks Corporal Eddie Keller, "What, are you... crazy?" (0:13)

Eddie asks his wife, "LIsa, you a little drunk?" (0:34)

Lisa: "Now don’t you worry about your mama, Eddie."
”She had a stroke.” (0:38)

Col. Viktor Solkin tells Eddie, "We don’t want to force psychiatry on any of the returning men." (0:39)

Eddie tells nursing home worker Hilda Munson, "Don’t worry about that." (0:40)

Col. Powers: "Don’t worry, Eddie." (0:44)

Another bar patron asks Eddie, "Smokin’ a little too much weed out there?" (0:51)

Prostitute Toni Donovan tells Eddie, "Listen, if it’s the money that you’re worried about... it’s my night off."
: ”... and then we’ll be piss-faced.” (0:54)

Eddie tells a courier, "You’re making me nervous." (1:14)

Toni opens a copy of Psychology Today. (1:16)

By telephone, Eddie tells the police dispatcher, "I’m gonna shoot myself if you don’t get here quick." (1:30)

Eddie tells the hotel clerk, "Don’t worry." (1:30)

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