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Some Kind of Wonderful

Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson, Lea Thompson
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His sister Cindy tells Keith Nelson, "It’s semi-conscious, Keith." (0:03)

His sister Laura tells Keith, "I’m looking for that song about the guy that killed himself for the girl that hated his guts."
”God, are you in a nice mood today.”
”Keith, is this a side effect of being massively unliked or what?” (0:04)

His friend Watts tells Keith, "Really, it must be a drag to be a slave to the male sex drive." (0:15)

Hardy tells a girl, "All right, don’t worry" (0:26)

His father Clifford tells Keith, referring to Carol, "She’s Mom, I’m Dad, and you’re nuts." (0:29)

Ray answers Watts, "Confused." (0:31)

Her friend Shayne asks Amanda, "Are you out of your mind?"
Referring to Keith: ”I mean, he’s completely deluded.” (0:33)

Watts tells Ray, "Don’t worry about it." (0:39)

Hardy asks Keith, "You nervous about something?"
”You look nervous.”
”You got an inferiority complex or something?” (0:39)

Watts answers Keith, "Because I’m driving you crazy, and you’re driving me crazy." (0:44)

Watts asks Keith, "Want me to tell you one more time that I think you’re crazy?" (0:54)

Keith tells Watts, "I want to be true to my instincts." (0:57)

Watts tells Amanda and Keith, "I was comatose."
”It was this morning, moron.” (1:12)

Amanda tells Keith, "This is insane." (1:20)

Hardy tells Keith, "I was worried you were gonna disappoint us." (1:24)

His friend Duncan tells Keith, "Don’t worry." (1:27)

Reference in He's Just Not That Into You