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Something Wild (1986)

Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, Ray Liotta, George 'Red' Schwartz, Leib Lensky, Tracey Walter, Maggie T., Patricia Falkenhain, Sandy McLeod, Buzz Kilman, Charles Napier, Robert Ridgely, Adelle Lutz
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Investment banker Charles Driggs tells Audrey “Lulu” Hankel, "You’re crazy. You’re crazy..."
”What are you, nuts?” (0:06)

Charlie tells Lulu, "Everybody else said, ‘Driggs, you’re crazy.’" (0:12)

Lulu: "Don’t worry, Charlie." (0:14)

Charlie tells the others, "I don’t think that there is anything to worry about..." (0:23)

Charlie asks Lulu, "Do you have a hangover?"
Lulu: ”Yes, I have a hangover.”
”Well, then, this is the stuff that you drink for a hangover.” (0:27)

Lulu: "Don’t worry about the car, Charlie."
Charlie: ”Oh, well I am worried.” (0:28)

Lulu: "Anyway, Charlie, don’t worry about that car... You got to stop worrying so much." (0:29)

Charlie tells Lulu” (now Audrey) mother Peaches, "Audrey is a very impulsive woman." (0:33)

Charlie tells Lulu and Peaches, "I’m like an idiot..." (0:36)

Lulu tells Charlie, "Oh, God, I’m so nervous." (0:38)

"I’ve always been kind of an introverted, kind of a shy guy." (0:40)

Charlie tells Lulu’s high school friend Ray, "She’s impulsive..." (0:57)

Lulu: "Ray, are you out of your mind?"
Ray tells Charlie, referring to his fellow inmates, ”They all thought I was crazy.” (1:07)

Lulu: "Charlie, you got to be out of your mind." (1:23)