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Something in the Wind

Deanna Durbin, Donald O'Connor, John Dall
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Mr. Cook tells Donald Read, "Your late grandfather was a great man." (0:04)

Her Aunt Mary Collins tells singer Mary Collins, "... and then your mother died..." (0:09)

Mr. Belton tells Mary, "I don’t want to make you nervous, but..."
Mary: ”I’m not nervous Mr. Belton.” (0:16)

Grandma Read: "You realize, Miss Collins, this has been a great shock to us." (0:22)

Grandma Read tells Donald’s fiance Clarissa Prentice, "It was business worries." (0:30)

Lawyer Masterson tells Albert Beamis, "To tell you the truth, sir, I’m a little confused."
”Confused, sir.” (0:35)

By telephone, Mary tells Aunt Mary, "Oh, now you’re not to worry."
”Now don’t you worry.” (0:39)

Mary: "I’m insanely jealous." (0:40)

Mary tells Donald’s cousin Charlie, referring to Clarissa, "The first time she passes a bank she’ll remember that mountain of money, and he’ll be hooked again." (0:45)

Donald tells Mary, "After all, there are extroverts and introverts..."
”Well you seem to be a very intelligent person, Miss Collins.”
”It’s an impulse.” (0:47)

Donald tells Mary, "I don’t want you to explain or worry about anything." (0:55)

Grandma Read tells Mary, "Don’t worry about Clarissa."
”Because in the mood he’s in, he’d probably throw me out.” (0:57)

Charlie and Donald appear drunk. (1:13)

Mary, referring to Donald: "Big plastered goat." (1:14)

Donald tells Mary, "Don’t worry, darling." (1:16)

Aunt Mary tells Grandma Read, "You hypnotized her." (1:21)