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Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, Patrick Fugit, Mena Suvari, Peter Stormare, Chloe Hunter, Deborah Harry, Eric Roberts, Rob Halford, Billy Corgan, China Chow, Ron Jeremy, Josh Peck
ephedrine | marijuana | methamphetamine
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Ross: "Spoof, dope, crank, creep, bomb, spank, shit, bang, zip, tweak, chard... It's all methamphetamine." (0:00)

Nikki tells Cookie, "Maybe he dropped the dope on... Spider..."
”Why don't you stop freakin’ out and just backtrack.” (0:03)

Ross tells Spider Mike, "... your friend out there, she said that, you know, that she could actually hook me up with some of her own stash."
Spider Mike: ”If she hooks you up with some of her own personal stash, it's not going to be her own personal stash.” (0:10)

The Cook gives Ross a plastic packet of drug which he insufflates. (0:12)

The Cook makes methamphetamine.
Nikki insufflates methamphetamine. (0:17)

Ross insufflates meth through a rolled up dollar bill. (0:18, 0:20, 0:51)

Ross and his exotic dancer girlfriend April insufflate meth. (0:20)

Nikki insufflates meth. (0:24)

Nikki asks veterinarian Dr. K, referring to her dog, "Can you please fix him, because I'm really worried, okay?" (0:25)

His mother tells Frisbee, "When I get back, there better be a joint in my drawer." (0:26)

A convenience store clerk tells a customer, "So anyway, I heard that he was carrying some of these fixings for that metal-fettermine stuff, whatever the hell they call the goddamn druggies."
She tells The Cook, ”They sell like crazy.” (0:29)

Two undercover detectives insufflate meth.
One of the detectives tells the television camera, ”We got every reason to believe that a large amount of methamphetamines is being manufactured at this residence.” (0:38)

The Cook insufflates. (0:42)

Nikki tells The Cook, referring to her dog, "I was totally stressed out about Taco." (0:47)

The Cook tells Nikki, "... don't start in with your psycho bulshit anymore around here, all right?" (0:48)

The Cook packages meth. (0:51)

The Cook tells Ross, referring to Nikki, "... then she starts freaking out." (0:52)

Nikki asks Ross, referring to The Cook, "How could somebody be such a selfish... bastard?... The only time he was ever nice to me was when I first met him, when, of course, I'd never done speed before, and he was nice to Taco." (0:53)

Ross, Nikki and Cookie insufflate. Spider Mike injects. Cookie vaporizes some meth in aluminum foil.
Nikki asks Cookie, ”It gives you Alzheimer's, doesn't it?” (0:54)

Nikki: “I've seen some crystals do some pretty trippy shit, man.” (0:57)

The Cook makes meth. (0:58)

Detective: "Hey Frisbee, don't worry." (0:59)

A detective insufflates. (1:05)

Nikki tells Ross, "I still don't ever sleep, ever." She insufflates. (1:09)

The Cook insufflates. (1:10, 1:18)

Ross insufflates.
Nikki tells Ross, ”I need another line.”
Ross insufflates before he tells Nikki, ”I'm not hooked.” (1:11)

By telephone, The Cook tells Ross, referring to Nikki, "I want you to drop that crazy bitch off right now..." (1:17)

Ross insufflates. (1:23, 1:28)

Ross tells The Cook, "I haven't slept in days I'm too... high."
The Cook, referring to the city, ”That's where they got a lot of dope...” (1:24)

The Cook tells Ross, "Six months worth of dope, just give me a ride where I gotta go." (1:28)

His ex-girlfriend Amy asks Ross, "Are you on crank?" (1:31)

Ross tells The Cook, "Well, I'm crashing pretty hard right now." (1:32)