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St. Elmo's Fire

Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Mare Winningham, Martin Balsam, Andie MacDowell, Joyce Van Patten, Jenny Wright
Woody Allen | cocaine
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Political operative Alec Newbury tells his writer friend Kevin Dolenz, referring to their saxophonist friend Billy Hicks, "See if you can sober him up." (0:02)

Alec tells Billy, "You’re being arrested for drunk driving."
Billy: ”Drunk, definitely.” (0:03)

Law student Kirby “Kirbo” Keager asks medical intern Dale Biberman, "Do you still like Woody Allen movies?"
Dale comforts a little boy: ”Don’t you worry.” (0:04)

Alec tells Billy, "Of course you do know what it means to have a suspended license for drunk driving on your record." (0:06)

Kevin tells their banker friend Julianna “Jules” Van Patten, "Russia gets an inflated sense of national worth from our paranoia." (0:07)

Billy tells Alec, "For some insane reason I thought you might take it badly." (0:09)

Jules asks their architect friend Leslie Hunter, "I mean, is there some insane irony to this, or what?" (0:12)

Portrait of Woody Allen on apartment wall (0:14)

Kevin tells his roommate Kirby, "Love is an illusion created by lawyer types like yourself to create another illusion called marriage to create a reality of divorce and the illusionary need for divorce lawyers."
Kirby: ”Refresh my memory...”
Kevin: ”Love’s an illusion.”
Kirby: ”It’s the only illusion that counts, my friend.” (0:14)

Their social worker friend Wendy tells Jules, "I have a madman in my life already." (0:16)

Billy tells the others "Let’s get trashed anyway." (0:17)

Kevin: "Jules, there’s the brink of insanity." (0:19)

Kirbo tells Dale, "That’s from Annie Hall..."
”No, no, it was Annie Hall.” (0:21)

Leslie asks Kevin, "... how do women do this every night of their lives and not go completely insane?"
Kevin: ”They are insane... It’s all insane.”
”... one night I got really high on this cheap malt liquor...”
Alec tells Kevin: ”I’m going to kill myself.” (0:23)

By telephone, Jules tells Alec, "Listen, I’m with these Arabs, and they’ve been forcing me to do coke all night." (0:28)

Alec asks Jules, "How much coke have you done?"
Jules: ”And waste all this good coke?” (0:29)

A client tells Wendy, "You know, you... get yourself a man, and you won’t be worrying about all this shit." (0:30)

Wendy’s mother, referring to Billy: "What, is he crazy?... drugs." (0:33)

Jules tells Wendy, "We really came here because we’re both worried about you."
Wendy: ”No, Jules... we’re worried about you.”
Leslie: ”We’re worried about you and this affair with your boss.”
Wendy: ”Well, silly of us to worry.”
Wendy, referring to Jules’ step-mother: ”You seem obsessed with this woman dying.” (0:45)

Wendy tells Leslie, "It’s like stopping smoking. I go as long as I can, and then I just gotta have a hit." (0:47)

Kirby tells Dale, "I’m obsessed, thank you very much." (0:50)

His fraternity brother Troy tells Billy, "We need somebody to get us some good drugs, man." (0:53)

Billy tells his wife Felicia, "Look, there’s gonna be no more drinking..." (0:54)

Kevin tells other partiers, "College is like this four year delusion so you don’t have to deal with reality." (0:56)

Billy joins Jules snorting cocaine. (1:00)

A tenant asks Kirbo, "Are you the maniac that’s been trying to cut in on my line?" (1:02)

Poster for Stardust Memories (1:15)

Leslie tells Alec, "I was confused and angry..." (1:23)

Jules snorts cocaine. (1:25)

Leslie tells Alec, referring to Jules, "... she went crazy..." (1:29)

Billy tells Jules, "You know I’m crazy enough to do it." (1:33)

Jules tells Billy, referring to her step-mother, "Of course she’s in a coma, which really pisses me off." (1:33)

Kevin tells Alec and Kirbo, "Yeah, the hysterical laughter heard most frequently from schizophrenic paranoids." (1:36)

Wendy asks Billy, "So when did you get so sane?"
Billy: ”When I realized how insane I’ve been trying to be like Alec.”
”Besides, it’d confuse everybody.”
”Have I abused our relationship...?” (1:37)