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Stage Door

Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou, Gail Patrick, Constance Collier, Andrea Leeds, Samuel S. Hinds, Lucille Ball. Eve Arden, Ann Miller
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Her new roommate Terry Randall tells Jean Maitland, both aspiring actresses, "That’s a fairly intelligent observation for you." (0:11)

Another aspiring actress tells Judy Canfield, "I thought old Orcutt would fall over in a faint when she handed her that $50."
Actress Eve, referring to Terry: ”Maybe she’s a social worker doing a little slumming.”
Woman, off camera: ”I should worry.” (0:12)

Eve: "Well, now I know why sheepherders go crazy." (0:15)

Anne Luther tells Terry, referring to her discussion, "It was so intelligent." (0:16)

Eve: "I won’t take my sleeping pill tonight." (0:16)

Jean answers producer Anthony Powell, "No, we’re just getting over the DTs."
Dancer Annie: ”I think she’s kind of nervous...”
Anthony: ”Do I make you nervous, too?”
Annie: ”You are making me a little nervous.” (0:26)

Annie tells Jean, "... if you think I’m practicing just to run away from managers, you're crazy." (0:28)

Jean tells actress Linda Shaw, "Say, I think it’s very unselfish of those animals to give up their lives..." (0:28)

Terry tells Kay<, "Well, at least you don’t have that worry." (0:30)

Terry tells her father, "Don’t worry about the family name." (0:32)

Annie tells Anthony, referring to Jean, "She’s slightly barmy." (0:36)

Kay Hamilton faints.
Eve tells Kay, ”You fainted, dear.” (0:39)

Terry asks Anthony, "Do you know a girl just fainted in your office because you broke an appointment with her?"
Anthony asks his receptionist Ms. Arden, ”How is the girl who fainted?”
Anthony tells Terry, ”You make me nervous.” (0:39)

Anthony tells Jean, referring to the city, "It’s full of color, romance, illusion, glamour."
”You’re just getting hysterical.”
”... don’t you worry about a thing.”
”Don’t you worry about a thing.” (0:51)

Terry tells Jean, "You seem to be rather high yourself."
”And tomorrow you're gonna have a wonderful hangover...” (0:55)

Jean asks Linda, "Is madame certain she hasn’t been seeing things?" (0:57)

Terry recites her lines: "Are you gathered here to mourn...?"
”Well what am I supposed to do, walk around like a puppet or use my intelligence?”
Anthony: ”Temporary insanity, probably.” (1:06)

Terry practices her lines: "... are you gathered here to mourn..." (1:12)

Kay recalls a voice: "Don’t worry, Miss Hamilton... You haven’t a thing to worry about." (1:15)

A woman tells the others, referring to Kay, "She jumped before I could stop her." (1:16)

Police dispatcher: "Girl leaped out window. Possible suicide." (1:17)

Jean tells Terry, "Kay’s dead." (1:17)

Terry, performing: "Have you gathered here to mourn...?"
Spectator: ”No, but it’s the mood.” (1:20)

Brent tells Anthony, "Don’t worry." (1:24)

Kay Hilton’s tombstone in cemetery (1:27)