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Star Leaf

CastRussell Hodgkinson, Julian Gavilanes, Shelby Truax, Tyler Trerise, Richard Cranor, Robert Leeshock
Year released2015
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James Hunter takes a pill from a prescription bottle.
James tells Martha DuPont, referring to Tim Chandranatha and his beads, ”They just make him more likely to make out with men at raves.” (0:05)

James tells Tim, "So this is where your meth guy lives."
Tim: ”No, brother, it’s not meth we’re here for.”
James: ”... you know that I get surprise UAs pretty much all the time. No way I’m smoking up with you...”
Tim: ”Dude, this ganja is some next level shit.”
”Cannabis has medicinal properties, alright?”
”Dude, this ganja is out of this world.” (0:08)

Queen Cheeba answers the door holding a blunt. Inside the cabin, women appear intoxicated (0:10)

Hookah (0:12)

Seth Guardrail Slaughter tells Tim, "No worries, no worries."
James: ”... not sitting on a... puff- pad, getting stoned...”
Cheeb offers a hookah tube to Martha. (0:13)

James: "It beats dirty-ass hippy drug dens."
James asks Tim, ”Dude, why don’t you just admit it to yourself that your whole entire plan for being up here is to smoke yourself into oblivion?”
Tim: ”I just think it’d be prudent of us to smoke a little.”
James answers Martha, ”The big deal is that the phone’s GPS data will give away the location of the weed.”
Referring to Tim: ”Man sure likes his weed.” (0:16)

Tim tells Martha, "Girl, you crazy."
James asks Tim, ”Edible, as in weed edible?”
Tim: ”Two problems: hungry and sober... Two birds, one stoner.” (0:20)

Tim, with Martha in a grove of marijuana plants, tells James, "Welcome to the garden of Weeden..."
”This is the queen bee, the mother of all marijuana plants on planet earth.”
”I just came to smoke this shit.”
”I need to... snip some buds, and proceed to get... baked.”
Martha asks James, referring to Tim, ”You don’t think he’s addicted, do you?” (0:24)

Tim, holding a joint: "It’s an ancient Vedic sexual ecstasy practice."
Tim tokes the joint, passes it to Martha who does the same before offering it to James. James tokes. All three appear to experience psychedelic sensory disturbances. (0:27)

Tim, after toking a blunt, tells Martha, "You’re on a crazy train right now..."
”I know you’re high right now...”
”This weed is getting trippy.”
Tim tells James, ”It’s just voices in your head, alright?”
”It’s just voices in your head, alright?”
Forest Ranger Dave: ”Talking about secrets of the universe, ... stuff people like to talk about when they’re high”
Ranger Dave tokes the blunt offered by Tim: “No prescription necessary.”
”You folks wanna get high?”
”Well, you can certainly get high, right?”
”It’s not how high you go that matters.”
Tim tells Martha, ”... with the weed we’ve been smoking, I’d kinda believe him.” (0:31)

Martha tells Tim, "We must’ve been higher than we thought." (0:41)

Tim or James: "We’re probably all just still high." (0:44)

Tim: "Look, you guys are freaking out way too much..." (0:46)

James, recording a video of himself with his camera: "I know this is gonna sound crazy..." (0:46)

James tells Ranger Dave, referring to Martha and Tim, "My friends are dead..." (0:49)

James experiences a flashback of a combat experience. (0:51)

Tim tells Martha, "Had I known it would get this crazy, I never would have looked for it in the first place."
”You’re just having a bad trip.” (0:52)

Tim tells Seth, "This is my brain on drugs."
Seth: ”Yeah, you’re tripping, man. You’re tripping...” (0:54)

Martha sees her double. (0:56)

James tells Seth, referring to Tim, "I’m telling you my friend is a... idiot, okay?" (0:59)

Tim: "I just wanted to get a little high."
James places the muzzle of Ranger Dave’s revolver against his chin as though to kill himself before experiencing more flashbacks. (1:03)

Tim tells James, "We haven’t even smoked any weed yet, and you’re acting like a freak."
James: ”I know this sounds crazy...”
Tim: ”Listen, man, I know you’re suffering from some P.T.S.D. from then, but that’s why I brought you here.” (1:06)

Ranger Dave: "The question is, did you, or did you not, come here to purchase marijuana?"
”You folks must be Twilight fans then.”
Seth tells Tim, ”No worries, bro.” (1:07)

Tim: "This is the high that I came for."
James: ”You telling me that you didn’t already get high today?”
Tim: ”Oh, no, I totally got high today...”
James: ”You’re a... idiot, man.” (1:10)

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