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CastJeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Charles Martin, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Phalen, Tony Edwards, John Walter Davis, Ted White, Dirk Blocker, M.C. Gainey, Sean Stanek, George 'Buck' Flower, Russ Benning, Ralph Cosham, David Wells
Year released1984
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Jenny Hayden faints when an alien appears in the form of her deceased husband. (0:13)

In a home movie, Jenny’s husband Scott says, "Don’t worry." (0:15)

Jenny tells Starman, "Jumpy’s like nervous, afraid." (0:28)

Jenny asks Starman, "Are you crazy?" (0:40)

Federal agent George Fox tells scientist Mark Shermin, "It’s also what the cannibal said to the missionary just before he ate him." (0:43)

A hunter asks Starman, "Cry when you saw Bambi?" (0:45)

Jennifer tells Starman, "Scott is dead. He was killed in an accident." (0:48)

Starman sees scenes from From Here to Eternity on television. (1:01)

By telephone, Shermin tells Jennifer, "We’re worry about you, Mrs. Hayden." (1:10)

Starman tells Shermin, "You are a strange species... and you would be surprised how many there are, intelligent, but savage." (1:38)

Shermin tells Fox, "Well, as much as I hate to stoop to symbolism..." (1:40)

Refence in Ghostbusters II

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