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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, Murray Head, Peggy Ashcroft, Tony Britton, Maurice Denham, Bessie Love, Vivian Pickles, Frank Windsor, Thomas Baptiste
marijuana | meperidine
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Dr. Daniel Hirsh tells a patient, "It’s probably the worry that’s hurting you."
By telephone: ”I’m with a patient.” (0:00)

By telephone, Alva Hodson tells Alex Greville, "Don’t worry, darling." (0:08)

Alva tells Alex, "It is worrying about the cost of living index..." (0:09)

Seeing young Timothy, Alva’s son, with some kind of cigarette in his mouth, Alex asks, "Are you children smoking pot." (0:16)

Daniel tells his sculptor lover Bob Elkin, "I’ve had two nervous breakdowns..." (0:22)

Daniel, by telephone: "Mrs. Hackett, have you actually given him the pills that I prescribed?" (0:24)

Daniel tells a man, "You were pissed the last time."
”On the way, I’ll call at the chemist and get you a painkiller for that.” (0:36)

Sign: "prescriptions"
A pharmacist asks Daniel: ”Where did you get this prescription form?” (0:38)

Bob tells the truck driver, "You came around that corner like a bloody maniac." (0:44)

Alva tells Alex, referring to the children, "They all saw Granny when she was dead." (0:52)

Bob tells the others, "Could be the American answer to worry beads." (0:53)

Her mother tells Alex, referring to Alex’s father, "... but I was mad not to know how much I’d miss him." (0:59)

Charades: "Potemkin." (1:09)

Daniel tells Bob, "Plain, bloody selfish." (1:10)

Daniel, by telephone: "Well, I think I’d give her 100 milligrams of pethidine." (1:36)