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Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Cedric Hardwicke, Nigel Bruce, Dame May Whitty, Alfred Hitchcock
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Passenger Lina McLaidlaw holds a book entitled "Child Psychology." (0:01)

Lina tells Johnnie Aysgarth, "Anyway, if my father saw me come in both late and beautiful, he might have a stroke." (0:09)

Lina tells her mother Martha, "I’m not in the mood." (0:15)

Johnnie tells Lina, "The least you could do is swoon away." (0:22)

Lina tells Johnnie, referring to the house, "I’m mad about it." (0:27)

Johnnie tells Lina, "Don’t worry your darling little head about it..."
Lina: ”I think you must be mad.”
Johnnie: ”Monkeyface, marrying you is the sanest thing I ever did in my life.” (0:29)

Lina tells Johnnie’s cousin and employer Captain George Melbeck, "I’m terribly worried." (0:48)

Lina reacts to the news of her father’s death. (0:51)

By telephone, Johnnie tells Melbeck, "George, I keep telling you not to worry about it." (0:57)

Imagining that Johnnie will murder his friend Gordon Cochrane 'Beaky' Thwaite, Lina faints. (1:02)

After reading of Beaky’s death, Lina tells police inspector Hodgson, "This is a shock." (1:10)

Johnnie tells Lina, referring to their writer friend, "Isobel’s brother gave you a sleeping pill this morning... We were quite worried about you." (1:30)

Lina tells Johnnie, referring to a conversation with her mother, "I happened to mention that I was a bit nervy..." (1:34)

Johnnie tells Lina, "Don't worry."
Lina: ”Johnnie, you were going to kill yourself.”
Johnnie: ”You think I’d have let some idiot give poor old Beaky that brandy if I had?” (1:36)

Reference in David Holzman's Diary