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Tara Road

Andie MacDowell, Olivia Williams, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Iain Glen
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Gravestone for Dale Vine (0:02)

Young Brian Lynch tells his sister Annie, referring to Twiglets, "They’re for anorexics." (0:03)

Her friend Rosemary tells Brian and Annie’s mother Ria, "Don't worry." (0:05)

Ria's Realtor husband Danny tells Ria, "For a mad moment I thought you'd accepted it." (0:08)

His musician mother Marilyn Vine grieves the loss of Dale. (0:10)

Danny tells Ria, "This whole thing is crazy. You're letting some mad woman move in here into my house?" (0:16)

Greg tells Marilyn, "You're letting some Irish looney tune take over our house." (0:19)

Ria tells Rosemary, "I'm so nervous."
”Don't worry.”
Ria: ”You know you're not to worry about me.” (0:23)

Ria’s restaurateur friend Colm tells Marilyn, ".... Don't worry..." (0:27)

Marilyn tells Ria’s mother Nora, "Don't worry about the game." (0:36)

Colm answers Marilyn,,"So you won't get addicted to it." (0:37)

Colm asks Marilyn, "Did Ria tell you I was an alcoholic?"
Marilyn: ”How do you know when you're an alcoholic?”
Colm: ”I'm addicted to something else now.”
Barney’s wife Mona tells Danny's boss, ”Wait till we're all drunk, Barney.”
Annie: ”I mean you're all idiots.” (0:38)

Greg’s brother Andy tells Ria, "There I was standing like an idiot in front of everybody." (0:49)

Danny tells Annie, "You're selfish, or what?" (0:53)

Colm tells Marilyn, "No, the truth can drive you mad." (1:03)

Danny tells his boss Barney, "Don't you worry about that." (1:18)

Mona tells Barney, "Don't worry." (1:33)