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Terms of Endearment

Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Jeff Daniels, John Lithgow, Lisa Hart Carroll, Betty King, Huckleberry Fox, Troy Bishop
marijuana | tobacco-marijuana
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Aurora and her daughter Emma arrive home after the funeral for Aurora’s husband. (0:01)

Her friend Patsy substitutes marijuana for some of the tobacco in a cigarette, takes a hit, shares it with Emma, then tells Emma, “I feel really kind of foolish getting stoned to hear Mary Martin.” (0:05)

Emma tells her husband Flap, “She’s going crazy.” (0:11)

Doris tells Emma’s retired astronaut neighbor Garrett she will not come into his house with him “... ‘cause you’re drunk...” (0:21)

Emma tells Aurora, “I know you’re gonna go crazy without me to nag.” (0:24)

By telephone Emma tells Aurora, “Don’t give me the money; It would make you crazy.” (0:39)

Flap: “Emma , you always get a little paranoid in your first few months.”
Emma: “If you are... trying to make me feel crazy because I’m bearing our child... You may have just panicked, Flap...” (0:41)

Maid Rosie tells Dr. Ratcher, “Doctor, I think you’re a might confused...” (0:49)

Garrett tells Aurora, “I, um, think we’re going to have to get drunk.”
Aurora: ”I don’t get drunk...” (0:55)

Aurora asks Garret, “Why did you have to get drunk?”
”I’m not drunk... anymore. The pain sobered me up.” (1:00)

Aurora tells Garrett, “Everything would’ve been just fine if you hadn’t gotten drunk.” (1:02)

Aurora tells Garrett, “Your ego, really.” (1:15)

Aurora tells Garrett, “No, don’t get nervous.” (1:18)

Emma tells Patsy, referring to Patsy’s friends, “One of them hasn’t talked to her mother in four years...” (1:41)

Aurora tells the nurse, “Give my daughter the pain shot, please.” (1:45)

Aurora tells Tom, “All you have to do is go up to him and say, ‘Daddy, I’m confused...’” (2:01)

A nurse tells Flap, referring to Emma, “She’s gone.” (2:04)

Wake for Emma. (2:05)

Sequel: The Evening Star

Reference in 50/50