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That Touch of Mink

Cary Grant, Doris Day, Gig Young, Audrey Meadows, Alan Hewitt, John Astin, Dick Sargent
Cary Grant | Sigmund Freud | Adolf Hitler
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Roger tells his businessman boss Philip Shayne, "I have an analyst, Dr. Gruber, a fine, distinguished analyst."
”He’s a lush.”
Philip: ”Seven years of treating you could do it.”
Roger: ”Just when I'm reaching a point in my therapy when I have the courage to quit and go back to Princeton.” (0:05)

Cathy Timberlake tells her automat worker friend Connie Emerson, "Some idiot splashed me with his car..." (0:08)

Charity representative Charlotte Farnham: "Mr. Shayne, you'd be shocked to know that the rate of unwed mothers..." (0:12)

Cathy tells Philip, "I must have gotten panicky." (0:15)

Roger tells Phillip, "Just before you go to bed you put three tranquilizers in a jigger of brandy, and you drink it. You still can't sleep, but you’re so relaxed you don't worry about it."
”You’ve set me back years in my analysis.” (0:32)

Charlotte tells Cathy, referring to Philip, "Now you don't have to worry about hurting his feelings." (0:33)

Harry Clark tells Philip, referring to his new wife Mary Anne, "Psychologically, I want her to feel secure." (0:52)

Hotel physician Dr. Richardson tells Philip, referring to Cathy, "The young lady called to ask if we had any sedatives..." (0:53)

Cathy tells Dr Richardson, "I always get rashes when I'm nervous."
Referring to Philip: ”Tell him I had a stroke or something.” (0:54)

Philip tells Cathy, "Now don't worry about it." (0:55)

Roger tells Philip, "You don't know what a lift this has been to me psychologically."
Philip: ”Neurotics of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your psychiatrist.”
Roger: You're just sadistic enough to do that.” (0:59)

Cathy tells Charlotte, "The minute he bolted that door I got panicky."
Charlotte: ”You’re bound to get nervous.”
Cathy: ”Nervous?” (1:01)

Roger in session with Dr. Gruber
Roger, referring to his mother: ”Let her analyst worry about that.” (1:02)

Philip finds Cathy drunk.
Cathy asks Philip, ”You nervous?” (1:09)

Dr. Richardson, referring to Philip: "Seems to be in shock... the girl's hysterical one evening and plunges off his balcony the next." (1:12)

Philip tells another guest, referring to Cathy, "Got loaded, fell off the balcony." (1:12)

Mrs. Golden tells Charlotte, "Don't worry."
Mrs. Golden tells Roger, ”You Hitler.” (1:14)

Cathy’s coworker tells Cathy, "When the call came through from Mr. Shayne's office to hire you, it was like Panicsville." (1:17)

Roger tells Cathy, "To shatter Philip’s ego you've got to go off with the lowest human being you can find."
”You're dealing with a monumental ego.” (1:23)

Roger tells Philip, "Dr. Freud had a theory about that."
Philip: ”If Dr. Freud had ever been exposed to this girl, he’d have burned his couch and opened a delicatessen: Freud's Famous Frankfurters.” (1:29)

Unemployment clerk Beasley, referring to Philip: "Oh, the nuts you pick up on the road." (1:33)

Cathy tells Phillip, "I'm inhibited." (1:35)