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The Accused (1988)

Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, Bernie Coulson, Leo Rossi
cocaine | marijuana
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Carol from the rape center tells Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Murphy, referring to rape victim Sarah Tobias, "Legally drunk."
Kathryn: ”... and grass, too.”
”I’m not a rape counselor.” (0:06)

Waitress Sarah tells Kathryn, referring to her housemate Larry, "He likes to get stoned..." (0:10)

Sarah tells a customer, "Right, I’m just going a little senile today." (0:17)

Sarah tells Kathryn, "Sometimes I’ll take a hit of pot or something."
”Oh, half a joint, a couple of beers...”
”I mean, I wasn’t falling down drunk or anything...”
Referring to a policeman: ”... he finds half a gram of coke.”
Kathryn: ”You’re gonna be asked about your drug bust... and how many joints...” (0:19)

Barmaid Sally tells Kathryn, referring to Sarah, "She was pretty loaded."
Referring to Larry: ”I mean, he says he’s a musician, but he’s just a dealer.” (0:23)

Kathryn tells D.A Paul Rudolph and Assistant D.A. Massi, "She got drunk. She got stoned..." (0:25)

Another lawyer tells Kathryn, "Another hundred says they’ll be useless, because they were too drunk."
Lawyer #2: ”She walked into a bar, got loaded and stoned...” (0:27)

Sarah tells Kathryn, "I’m a drunk. I’m a pothead, a drug addict." (0:31)

Winess Cliff "Scorpion" Albrect tells Kathryn, referring to Sarah, “She’s nuts." (0:41)

Massi tells Kathryn, referring to Whitewood and Anderson, "Seemed in a really good mood." (1:02)

Sarah, on the witness stand: "... after I finished my turn I went to go have a smoke, you know, smoke a little pot."
Referring to Danny: ”He was drunk, and he was stoned...” (1:05)

Defense attorney Ben Wainwright cross-examines Sarah, "You had smoked marijuana." (1:10)

Witness Ken Joyce tells his fraternity brother inmate Bob Joiner, "... you have absolutely nothing to worry about."
Joiner: ”Nothing to worry about. Are you out of your... mind?”
”You were too drunk. You were too confused to get any of this right.” (1:15)

Sarah tells Joyce, "You saw me blow some grass." (1:18)

Joyce, on the witness stand: "... pretty soon they were... getting really loaded." (1:23)

Sarah lights a joint and shares it with Danny.
Sarah tells Danny, ”I’m too drunk, and I’ve got to go home.” (1:24)

Defense attorney Paulsen, addressing the jury: "... Jesse... told you that she was so drunk she could barely stand..." (1:36)

Sarah tells Kathryn about her own horoscope: "Intuition..." (1:42)

Reference in Afternoon Delight