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The Asphalt Jungle

Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore, Sam Jaffe, John McIntire, Marc Lawrence, Barry Kelley, Anthony Caruso, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Cady
Marilyn Monroe
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Policeman, referring to suspect William Doldy: "Possession narcotics... attempt suicide last night with necktie." (0:03)

Released convict "Doc" Erwin Riedenschneider tells gangster Cobby, referring to drinking, "I got out of the habit behind the walls. That’s all it is -- a habit."
Cobby: ”Well, here’s to the drink habit.”
Cobby answers Doc, referring to Dix Handley: ”A small-time hooligan who’s crazy for horses.” (0:09)

By telephone, safecracker Louis Ciavelli tells diner owner Gus Minissi, "You must be crazy." (0:15)

His friend “Doll” Conovan tells Dix, "The cops must’ve all gone crazy." (0:18)

Doc tells gangster Alono D. Emmerich, "Most of these fellows are drug addicts." (0:20)

Dix tells Doll, "My old man died..." (0:27)

Doc tells Cobby, referring to his date, "She talked more than if she’d been sober."
Cobby: ”Are you crazy?”
Referring to the police lieutenant: ”Don’t worry about Ditrich.” (0:30)

Emmerich tells private investigator Bob Brannom, "Bob, I’m gonna hand you the shock of a lifetime."
Brannom: ”Here I was worrying about your nerves, and you were dreaming up a double-cross like this.” (0:34)

Louis tells Cobby and Doc, "Mrs. Ciavelli’s worried about the kid."
Doc asks Cobby, ”Then you haven’t got a worry?” (0:39)

Dix: "Don’t worry, Doc." (0:44)

His wife May tells Emmerich, "At night, I get nervous, and when I get nervous, I hate to stay in this big house all by myself." (0:45)

Dix tells Doc, "Don’t worry about Gus."
”Let me worry about him.” (0:53)

Brannom tells Emmerich, "Half-drunk, I got better wits than most people... You look worried, my friend... All these years, I’ve been suffering from an inferiority complex." (0:58)

Doc: "Be patient, Dix." (1:04)

Doc tells Dix, "It doesn’t worry me much." (1:17)

Doll tells Dix and Doc, "I took a couple of sleeping pills, and I guess I’m still kind of groggy. I haven’t been able to sleep much lately, Dix, worrying about you and everything." (1:19)

Police Lt. Ditrich tells Cobby, "You’re nuts."
Cobby: ”Ditrich, what, are you going crazy?” (1:23)

Emmerich tells police commissioner Hardy, referring to charges, "You might be able to make one of them stand up if you get an imbecile jury and the right judge."
Emmerich tells his niece Angela Phinlay, "Don’t worry, baby."
Emmerich tells Hardy, referring to May, ”She might be worried.”
A gunshot off camera suggests Emmerich has killed himself. (1:28)

Wake for Ciavelli (1:33)

Dix tells Doll, referring to the cops, "They don’t worry me one little bit."
”Are you crazy?” (1:37)

Doll tells Dr. Swanson, referring to Dix, "My husband, he’s sick, fainted."
By telephone, Swanson tells the sheriff, referring to Dix, ”The man’s unconscious.” (1:44)

Hardy tells a group of reporters, "Three men are dead, one by his own hand." (1:48)