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The Baker's Wife

CastRaimu, Ginette Leclerc, Fernand Charpin
Year released1938
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La Femme du Boulanger

The teacher tells Pétugue, "This is a village of idiots." (0:04)

The teacher calls the priest, "Nutcase!" (0:09)

Casimir tells baker Aimable, "Lange, the baker before you, who hanged himself in the cellar..."
Aimable tells the others, referring to his wife Aurélie, ”If she knew he hanged himself, she’d be frightened and wouldn’t want to stay.”
”What did he do when he wasn’t hanging himself?”
Maillefer, referring to others: ”They're idiots.” (0:09)

The Marquis tells Aimable, "Don’t worry." (0:16)

Shepherd Dominique tells another shepherd friend, referring to Aimable’s wife Aurélie, "She’s as crazed as I am."
Shepherd: ”Don’t worry.” (0:33)

Aimable tells what he believes is Aurélie, "You forgot to wake me up, but don’t worry." (0:38)

Casimir tells Miette, referring to her husband, "Don’t worry about him." (0:41)

Aimable tells the others, "What a great big idiot I am." (0:48)

A man tells the others, referring to Aimable, "He wants to get plastered."
Pétugue: ”But he mustn’t kill himself.” (1:03)

Aimable tells the others, referring to gardener Papet, "I know he’s losing his marbles..."
Man: ”Get drunk, and you’ll feel better.” (1:04)

Celeste tells the priest, referring to Aimable, "And he’s drunk as a pig." (1:09)

Aimable: "I’m drunk for once."
”I have a few worries at the moment.”
”But what about... selfish shepherds?”
Antonin tells Aimable: ”You’re good and pickled.” (1:12)

Antonin tells Aimable, "Don’t worry." (1:25)

The Marquis tells the priest, referring to Aimable, "In his madness, he was the weakness of all men." (1:25)

Aimable addresses the town’s people, "What’s more, I’m worried about this lamp above my head." (1:31)

Celeste tells Aimable, referring to the four men, "They’re drunk as skunks."
Aimable: ”They’re drunk.” (1:40)

Aimable prepares to hang himself in his cellar. (1:41)

Celeste asks the teacher, referring to Aimable, "What if he tries to kill himself?" (1:42)

Seeing Aimable hanging by the neck, Barnabé yells, "Lange hanged himself there!"
Casimir: ”You can hang yourself after.” (1:42)

Maillefer tells the others, "Well, at the tournament a ball hit me in the head... Ever since then, if I’m interrupted, I lose my train of thought... and while you were singing like a madman, I went to the marshes..."
The Marquis: ”Quiet, drunkards.”
Barnabé: ”Can’t you see he’s going crazy?” (1:45)

The priest asks the teacher, "Does your idiocy hide you from God’s goodness?" (1:55)

Aurélie tells Dominique, "Go away, you idiot!" (1:59)

Aimable tells Aurélie, "I was very worried." (2:07)

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