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The Courtship of Eddie's Father

CastGlenn Ford, Shirley Jones, Ron Howard, Jerry Van Dyke, Stella Stevens, Dina Merrill, Roberta Sherwood, John Hart, Gene Roth
Year released1963
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Eddie tells his radio program manager father Tom, “I hate my self.”
Tom: ”Are you out of your mind?” (0:05)

Eddie asks Tom, “Is Mommy really dead?” (0:06)

Eddie tells Tom, “I know how much you miss Mommy.” (0:20)

D.J. Norm quotes: “Her eyes will remain as dew drops on the petals of my memory.”
Tom tells Norm, “You ought to form an organization like A.A....”
Referring to Dollye, ”... she has this funny complex that she has no poise.” (0:32)

Housekeeper Mrs. Livingston tells neighbor and friend nurse Elizabeth, referring to Eddie, “That boy sure is crazy about you, isn’t he.”
Elizabeth: ”I’m pretty crazy about him too.” (1:24)

Elizabeth tells Tom, “This is without a doubt the most egotistical, sickening...” (1:43)

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