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The Desperate Hours

Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March
Gig Young
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Eleanor “Ellie” Hilliard tells her son, "Oh, Ralphie, I’ve been so worried." (0:19)

Escaped convict Samuel Kobish tells his accomplice Glenn Griffin, "Hey, Griffin, are you crazy?" (0:28)

Kobish tells Glenn, "You’re off your rocker." (0:33)

Glenn renders Kobish unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:40)

Ralphie’s older sister Cindy faints. (0:40)

Glenn renders Ellie’s husband Daniel unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:43)

Ellie tells Glenn, "You take pleasure in torturing people, don’t you?" (0:51)

Uniformed police officer Fredericks tells Deputy Sheriff Jesse Bard, "Bard, you got an obsession." (1:06)

Bard tells the others, referring to whoever wrote the note, "The idiot." (1:13)

Ellie’s lawyer boyfriend Chuck Wright tells Bard, "It’s just kind of a shock, that’s all."
Bard tells Chuck, ”Then you got nothing to worry about.” (1:26)

Sheriff Masters tells Daniel, "It’s plain suicide to go back there now."
”You crazy?” (1:37)

Kobish yells at Daniel, "Crazy!" (1:43)

Desperate Hours