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The Evening Star

CastShirley MacLaine, Bill Paxton, Juliette Lewis, Miranda Richardson, Ben Johnson, Scott Wolf, George Newbern, Marion Ross, Mackenzie Astin, Donald Moffat, Jennifer Grant, China Kantner, Jack Nicholson, Shawn Taylor Thompson, Jake Langerud
Year released1996
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Sequel to Terms of Endearment

Her granddaughter Melanie tells Aurora, "Virginia Woolf makes my skin crawl..." (0:07)

Aurora’s maid Rosie Dunlop tells Patsy Carpenter, "I just wanna do something about Aurora’s moods."
Patsy: ”Twelve years of therapy made me the woman I am today.”
Rosie: ”Okay, but how are we gonna get Aurora Greenway to see a shrink? ” (0:11)

Rosie reads a poster for Jerry Bruckner: "Depressed... Licensed Counselor" (0:12)

Rosie tells Aurora, "I feel so depressed, bummed..."
”I think I need to see a therapist.” (0:12)

Sign: "Jerry Bruckner, Counselor"
”You’re the one who’s been so depressed lately.”
Aurora: ”Rosie, I don’t need therapy.”
”Dr. Bruckner, I wasn’t seeking analysis...”
Bruckner: ”I’m a licensed counselor.”
Aurora: ”I’m surrounded by the most taxing array of lunatics.” (0:13)

Aurora asks Melanie, "Why do you insist on being so self-destructive?"
Melanie: ”I’m not being self-destructive.”
”Boy, if your mother had lived, she would be so horrified.” (0:18)

Aurora in session with Bruckner
Aurora tells Bruckner, "I need to be selfish."
”Selfish in a good sense.”
Bruckner: ”It’s easier for patients to pay at the end of each month...” (0:19)

Arthur tells Rosie, referring to Aurora, “She must be in a better mood.” (0:24)

Melanie pours unidentified pills into her mouth from a prescription bottle. (0:28)

A doctor tells Aurora, "It’s almost impossible to take a lethal overdose in this family of drug. It’s a muscle relaxant."
Aurora tells Melanie, ”You didn’t try to kill yourself over Bruce.”
Melanie tells the nurse, ”If you don’t let them both stay, you’re gonna have some more patients on your hands.” (0:29)

Aurora tells Bruckner, "Melanie was three when my daughter Emma died."
Books on Bruckner’s shelf: ”Psychology
Bruckner, referring to his mother Lola: ”She’s the reason I became a therapist.” (0:30)

Aurora asks Tommy, referring to the warden, "What, are you driving him crazy, too?" (0:33)

Melanie tells Bruce, "I thought I was the one that took the drugs." (0:36)

Patsy tells Melanie, "Don’t tell Aurora or she’d freak..." (0:42)

Aurora comes home to find her friend Hector Scott watching The Bridge on the River Kwai on television. (0:51)

Patsy tells Aurora, referring to Melanie, "Things have been kind of crazy for her."
Patsy: ”Rosie... says you’re always in therapy.”
”Isn’t that line between doctor and patient getting a little blurred?” (0:58)

Aurora tells Rosie, "You and Hector are so cranky." (1:02)

Funeral for Hector in a cemetery (1:03)

Aurora tells Melanie, "I worry all the time." (1:07)

Bruckner tells Patsy, referring to Aurora, "Well, I’m not really at liberty to discuss her. She is a patient."
Patsy: ”The old doctor-patient thing.” (1:11)

Aurora tells Tommy, "... nothing compels me to return to my therapist." (1:12)

By telephone, Aurora tells Melanie, referring to Bruckner, "I mean, I was in Jerry’s life because, apparently, he needed to work through some dreary episode with his mother." (1:22)

Melanie reads for an audition: "If I take them back, somebody’ll change their names and confuse them."
Casting director: ”Don’t worry.” (1:25)

Aurora and Arthur return from Rosie’s funeral. (1:42)

Aurora and her astronaut friend Garrett Breedlove spread Rosi’s ashes at the beach. (1:50)

Teddy’s partner Jane asks guests, referring to eggnog choices, "Nutmeg?"
Guest: ”Nutmeg or cinnamon.” (2:00)

Aurora dies surrounded by her loved ones. (2:03)

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