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The Exorcist

Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Linda Blair, Peter Masterson, Mercedes McCambridge
Paul Goebbels | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | marijuana | methylphenidate | Ritalin
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Priest and psychiatrist Karras tells university president Tom, “It’s more than psychiatry.” (0:26)

His uncle tells Karras, “You know, it’s funny, if you wasn’t a priest, famous psychiatrist now on Park Avenue.” (0:33)

Karras finds his mother restrained in her bed in a psychiatric hospital. (0:33)

Film director Burke tells another party guest, “You never went bowling with Goebbels either, I suppose.” (0:35)

Another priest tells actress Chris, referring to Fr. Karras, “He’s our psychiatric counselor... His mother passed away.” (0:35)

A nurse injects Chris’ daughter Regan’s shoulder. (0:42)

Tells Chris, referring to Regan, “Well, it’s a symptom of a type of disturbance in the chemical-electrical activity of the brain... it does cause bizarre hallucinations, and usually just before a convulsion.”
Chris: “Look doc, I really don’t understand how her whole personality could change.” (0:43)

A doctor injects Regan’s neck. (0:46)

Dr. Klein tells Dr. Taney the medication was “Thorazine. Before that it was Ritalin.” (0:48)

Klein tells Chris, referring to Regan, “She’s heavily sedated.”
Chris: “She’s acting like she’s... out of her mind, psychotic, like a split personality or...”
Taney: “There haven’t been more than a hundred authentic cases of so-called split personality Mrs. MacNeil. Now I know the temptation is to leap to psychiatry, but any reasonable psychiatrist would exhaust the somatic possibilities first.”
”What we missed in the EEG...” (0:49)

Klein asks Chris, “Do you keep any drugs in your house?”
Chris: “I don’t even smoke grass.”
Klein: “I think it’s time we started looking for a psychiatrist.” (0:52)

Chris asks her assistant Sharon, “Are you crazy?”
Sharon: “Look there wasn’t anybody here, so when I went to get the Thorazine...”
Cris: “We have to start looking for a shrink.”
Man: ”Burkes’ dead. He must’ve been drunk.”
Chris reacts to the news. (0:54)

A man hypnotizes Regan. “If you are there, you, too, are hypnotized.” (0:55)

Police detective Lt. Kinderman tells Karras he looks like “John Garfield, in Body and Soul.”
Karras, referring to witchcraft: ”I once did a paper on it...”
”... from the psychiatric end.”
Kinderman: “Maybe somebody crazy... some unconscious rebellion.”
”I understand, but for priests on the campus here you’re the psychiatrist.”
”Hard to bother you with trivia, but a psychiatrist in sunny California... was put in jail for not telling police what he knew about a patient.” Reference to Tarasoff?
”I got passes to... Othello.”
”Answer the question, Father Paranoia.” (0:58)

Doctor: “We could call it somnambuloform possession... it starts with a conflict... leads to the patient’s delusions that his body has been invaded by some alien intelligence...”
Chris: “I am not going to lock her up in some goddamn asylum.”
Doctor: “... shock treatment.”
Referring to exorcism: ”It’s purely a force of suggestion.” (1:03)

Chris tells Kinderman, referring to Regan, “She was heavily sedated.” (1:08)

Chris asks Karras, “How did a shrink ever get to be a priest?”
Karras: “Well, since we learned about mental illness, paranoia, schizophrenia...”
”I could see her as a psychiatrist...”
Chris: “Not a psychiatrist... She’s already seen every... psychiatrist in the world, and they sent me to you.” (1:15)

Karras finds Regan restrained in her bed. (1:19)

Karras tells Chri, “Now if you’ve seen as many psychotics as I have, you’d realize that’s the same thing as saying you’re Napoleon Bonaparte.”
Chris: “You show me Regan’s double, same face, same voice, everything, and I’d know it wasn’t Regan.” Capgras' syndrome? (1:22)

Priest Tom tells the Dean, “There should be a psychiatrist present anyway.” (1:32)

Father Merrin tells Karras, referring to the devil, “He will lie to confuse us... The attack is psychological, Damien...” (1:35)

Karras jumps out of Regan’s bedroom window. Suicide? (1:53)

Chris tells Fr. Dyer, referring to Regan, “She doesn’t remember any of it.” (1:56)

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