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The Falcon and the Snowman

CastTimothy Hutton, Sean Penn, Pat Hingle, Joyce Van Patten, Lori Singer
Year released1985
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A man insufflates cocaine apparently purchased from drug dealer Daulton Lee. (0:06)

Customs computer screen referring to Daulton: "... POSSESSION NARCOTICS... SALE NARCOTICS... SALE NARCOTICS..." (0:07)

Daulton answers the customs officer, "Prescription Lomotil." (0:07)

Daulton’s friend Christopher Boyce’s boss tells executive Larry Rogers, referring to Daulton, "Medicine." (0:13)

Daulton tells Chris, "I’m surrounded by junkie cut-throat partners who turn me in..." (0:21)

Marijuana plant? (0:22)

His coworker Laurie tells Chris, "I really wouldn’t worry about it."
Coworker Eddie: ”Don’t worry...” (0:25)

His father tells Chris, referring to Chris’ brother, "Jeffrey’s been given an assignment to memorize a poem..." (0:28)

Daulton: "I don’t know what’s going on with you, but this is insane..."
Chris: ”You’re a drug dealer Daulton...(0:32)

Men process drugs. Daulton insufflates. (0:34)

Daulton insufflates cocaine. (0:38)

Daulton tells Soviet handler Alex, "He’s not really crazy about the CIA..." (0:42)

Alex tells Daulton, "I’d like you to get in the habit of calling me Pedro..." (0:45)

Chris tells his girlfriend Lana, referring to his falcon, "She’ll go crazy if she sees me preparing her food." (0:49)

Marijuana? (0:51)

Chris tells his father "... you don’t have to worry." (0:54)

Daulton tells the Soviets, "This guy can get his hands on heroin, large amounts of heroin, dirt cheap... I worry about how to get mine into the states..." (1:01)

By telephone, Daulton’s father Dr. Brad Lee tells someone: "The insanity’s going on again here." (1:03)

Dr. Lee tells Daulton, "... come back to reality with a better mental attitude." (1:04)

Daulton insufflates a drug.
Chris asks Daulton, "You crazy?"
Daulton answers Chris: ”Just... coke.”
”It’s just coke”
Chris: ”It’s heroin.”
Daulton: ”I don’t even shoot it up. I just snort it, okay?” (1:05)

By telephone, Chris tells Daulton, "Imagine you were drunk..."
Daulton: ”... I don’t have too much patience right now. I had them hooked...” (1:15)

Chris’ coworder Gene hides the marijuana plant.
Gene asks Laurie,: ”Where did you put the dope?” (1:16)

Dr. Lee tells Daulton, "I will not have dope deals made in this house."
Daulton: ”What dope deals?”
”I’m not dealing dope any more.” (1:22)

David tells Daulton, "Don’t worry about it."
Daulton: ”No drugs...” (1:23)

Daulton: "Make you nervous? Well, don’t worry, Chris..." (1:25)

Daulton insufflates cocaine. (1:29)

Alex tells Chris he wants to know "Drinking habits, religious habits, sexual deviations..." (1:33)

Daulton asks Alex, "Where’s the heroin?" (1:35)

Chris tells Alex, "It was impulsive..."
Alex: ”Impulsively or not, you came to us...” (1:37)

Daulton tells Chris, "It’s all that’s keeping me sane. It’s all that’s keeping me sane." (1:39)

Chris tells Daulton, "They’re just as paranoid and dangerous as we are... I'm gonna get something out of this nightmare..." (1:45)

Daulton insufflates a drug. (1:46)

Embassy Vice Consul Walt Hamilton tells Daulton, "Don’t worry..." (1:50)

Police strike Daulton on the head repeatedly with a book. (1:53)

Theater marquee: "EXTERMINATING ANGEL" (1:56)

Chris tells an official, "I know a few things about predatory behavior." (2:02)

A man tells Chris’ father, "The government’s worried, Charlie..." (2:04)

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