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The Fan (1996)

Robert De Niro, Wesley Snipes, Ellen Barkin, John Leguizamo, Benicio Del Toro
Sigmund Freud
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Salesman Gil Renard: "It’s just for this high that I crazily lust." (0:01)

Gil, by telephone: "It’s just I’m really psyched."
Radio host Jewel Stern: ”We’re all psyched.”
Jewel: ”We’ve got a lot of crazed fans on the line.”
Gil, referring to a baseball star: ”You’d have to be nuts, so why’s everybody down on Rayburn ‘cause he’s not nuts?” (0:04)

His boss tells Gil, "You got other things to worry about." (0:09)

A ticket scalper asks Gil, "You in a coma, or what, buddy?" (0:14)

His agent Manny tells Bobby Rayburn, "I get crazy." (0:14)

Gill tells store manager Stanley, "You gotta be out of your... mind."
”Why don’t you get some kayaks and stick ‘em up your... ass, you moron.” (0:16)

Bobby tells Manny, "As if I don’t already have enough to worry about..." (0:18)

Receptionist Angie tells Gil, "He’s got such a crazy schedule." (0:20)

A doctor injects Rayburn. (0:27)

Gil tells his son Richie, "Don’t worry." (0:29)

Gil: "Are you out of your mind, ump? Are you out of your... mind?" (0:32)

Manny tells Bobby, referring to terminally ill boy Sean, "He slipped into a coma in the first inning and never pulled out." (0:36)

Gil asks Richie, "You still worried about the tryouts?" (0:38)

Man, calling in: "So, in a Freudian sense, Jewel, the catcher is the father, and the son is the pitcher." (0:41)

Player: "Don’t worry." (0:50)

Manny tells Jewel, "Schindler has a list..." (0:50)

The team, and later the fans, react to the death of Juan Primo. (1:06)

Manny tells Bobby, "If you’re worried about the cops, they’re not interested in you." (1:09)

Gil watches Bobby at Bobby's beach house. (1:11)

Gil answers Bobby, referring to baseball, "I’m not obsessed with it or anything." (1:16)

Gil tells Bobby, "So that’s your... insight into life." (1:20)

By telephone, Gil tells Bobby, "You’re just a lucky idiot." (1:26)

By telephone, Gil tells Bobby, referring to Bobby’s son Sean, "Don’t worry about him." (1:31)

Manny tells Jewel, referring to Gil, "The guy’s not going to be crazy enough to walk in." (1:39)

Suicide by cop? (1:49)