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The Father (2020)

Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell, Olivia Williams
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Her Father Anthony tells Anne, referring to Angela, "This woman is raving mad."
”... I don’t remember...”
”You've always been that way, a worrier.” (0:03)

Anthony fails to recognize Anne’s husband Paul, his flatmate.
Anthony: ”I'm not an idiot.”
Paul: ”Don’t worry.”
Anthony: ”I don't know where this, uh, stupid obsession comes from... she's not very... intelligent.”
Paul tells Anne, ”Your father seemed a bit confused.”
Anne tells Anthony, ”You look worried.”
”There’s no one here.”
”All this nonsense is driving me crazy.”
Anne: ”Now don’t worry.”
”Don’t worry.”
”Have you taken your medication?”
”Let's give you your medication, the evening dose.” (0:14)

By telephone, Anne tells someone, referring to Anthony, "The other day he didn't even recognize me." (0:25)

Anthony tells caretaker Laura, "I have a distinct impression that I’ve seen you before."
Anne answers Anthony: ”Sober... Her mother was the soberest woman I've ever met.” (0:28)

Anne tells Paul (not the same Paul as above), "I was really worried that it wasn't going to work, but in the end it was fine."
Referring to Anthony: ”Just now... he didn’t recognize me.”
Anthony thinks Paul is a “guest.”
Anthony tells Anne, ”I am worried. It's very worrying.” (0:37)

Paul tells Anthony, referring to Anne, "She's been worried about you, you know?" (0:43)

Anthony tells Anne,"You're starting to suffer from memory loss." (0:47)

Dr. Sarai tells Anne, "I know how worrying these things can be." (0:48)

Anthony struggles to put on a sweater. (0:51)

Anthony asks caretaker Laura, "Then why are you speaking to me as if I’m were retarded?"
”You're speaking to me as if I were retarded.”
”Thing is, I'm very intelligent.”
”I’m very intelligent... I have a memory like an elephant.”
Paul #1 appears to Anthony again. (1:03)

Anthony awakens hearing the voice of his deceased daughter Lucy calling to him. (1:11)

Anne tells Anthony, "Don't worry about it." (1:16)

Anthony asks nurse Catherine, "Who exactly am I?"
Anthony cries: ”I want my mummy.” (1:27)

Does Anthony exemplify prosopagnosia or Capgras' syndrome or other misidentification syndrome?