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CastBette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith, Dan Hedaya, Sarah Jessica Parker, Stockard Channing, Victor Garber, Stephen Collins, Marcia Gay Harden, Elizabeth Berkley, Bronson Pinchot, Jennifer Dundas, Eileen Heckart, Philip Bosco, Heather Locklear
Year released1996
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Cynthia, ready to jump to her death (0:05)

Cynthia's college friend Annie asks her daughter Chris, “Why are you so crabby today?”
Annie tells her mother Catherine, referring to her husband Aaron, “... very conflicted...” (0:06)

Annie's actress friend Elise tells Dr. Packman, "There are only three ages for women in Hollywood: Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy..." (0:08)

Annie tells Catherine, referring to Aaron, “We’re both seeing the same therapist... we’re working on my self-esteem.”
Catherine: “You don’t need self-esteem.”
”A woman your age has a better chance of being slaughtered by a psychopath.” (0:09)

Television reporter, “Cynthia Swan Griffin... made a suicide leap from her fashionable penthouse apartment.” (0:10)

Elise reads a newspaper headline: “EASTSIDE SUICIDE.” (0:11)

Memorial service for Cythia (0:11)

Elise tells the others, referring to Cythia, “She... always put herself last in order to bolster his ego, his drive...” (0:15)

Annie tells the others, “... I am seeing a very talented therapist.”
Elise asks Annie, “Lithium?” (0:19)

Annie in psychotherapy session with Dr. Rosen
Rosen: “Oh, Rambo.” (0:19)

Annie's friend Brenda asks her boss Duarto, “... who’s supposed to wear that, some anorexic teenager...?”
Brenda tells her ex-husband Morty’s fiancee Shelly, ”My, my, the bulimia certainly has paid off.” (0:22) Annie tells Catherine, referring to Aaron, “He’s worked through all his relationship phobias...” (0:27)

Annie tells Aaron, “It’s like we should get therapy gold stars.”
Annie tells Rosen, “You are my therapist.” (0:30)

Annie tells Elise and Brenda, “I just spent the last 25 years with the most self-absorbed, arrogant man on earth, who is getting married to my therapist who I paid to lecture me on self-esteem..”
Elise: “All we need is us -- three women who aren’t afraid to fight, to stand up for our dignity, for our self-esteem...” (0:35)

Annie: “While Brenda and I worked like crazy...” (0:46)

Annie tells Brenda and Elise, “I have a fear of everything.” (0:56)

Annie tells Brenda and Elise, “I’d rather go right up that building and just jump.” (0:59)

Poster on Brenda’s wall: “Van Gogh in Arles” (1:00)

Morty asks Shelly, “Are you crazy?” (1:04)

Brenda tells her son Jason, referring to Morty, “He’s a very good, very confused, man...”
Jason: ”I guess I was just a little bit freaked out...” (1:06)

Brenda tells Annie, referring to Elise, “She’s loaded.”
Elise: “I am not a drunk.”
Brenda asks Elise, “Are you crazy?”
Annie: ”You both have severe psychological problems...”
Brenda tells Elise she always wondered, ”How drunk do you think Cynthia was when she decided to do a jackknife onto park avenue?” (1:07)

Annie tells Elise and Brenda what went wrong: “Look, revenge and egos, and...”
Elise: “I’m sober...” (1:16)

Bill tells someone by telephone, “Yeah, Phoebe’s crazy about it.” (1:20)

Morty tells Brenda, “You’re out of your mind.” (1:22)

Annie tells a reporter, “We plan on offering counseling, family therapy, and of course, abuse intervention for all.” (1:30)

Brenda tells Jason, “You’ve gotta have something to tell your shrink.” (1:33)

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