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The Fortune Cookie

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ron Rich, Judi West, Cliff Osmond
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A young physician tells television cameraman Harry Hinkle's family, referring to Harry, "He has a mild concussion. We’ve put him under sedation." (0:09)

His lawyer brother-in-law William H. “Whiplash Willie” Gingrich tells Harry, "Whole gang of sleeping pills."
Harry: ”You’re crazy.”
Willie: ”If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a patient who makes his own diagnosis.”
”Not only can’t you move your hand and your leg, but you had this concussion.”
Referring to Willie’s children: ”You want them to wind up going to an analyst?” (0:14)

By telephone, Harry’s ex-wife Sandy tells Willie, "All it says is they carried him off unconscious, and you’re suing."
Harry tells Sandy, ”For a whole month I was going nuts...”
Willie, referring to Harry: ”He’s had a concussion.”
"Still crazy about her, huh?”
Harry: ”You out of your skull?”
Dr. Krugman answers Willie, ”Just a simple concussion.”
Krugman tells the nurse, ”... and let’s get ready for an encephalogram, an EMG and a spinal tap.” (0:20)

By telephone, lawyer O’Brien tells insurance executive Dalrymple, "So you just sit back, and leave the worry to us." (0:30)

A lawyer tells Willie, "It’s a simple matter of workman’s compensation."
Willie: ”It’s a simple matter of negligence.”
”My kid brother-in-law, possibly disabled for life.” (0:33)

Willie tells Mrs. Hinkle, "If you must know, mother, they’re still crazy about each other."
Nurse: ”How’s the patient?”
”Two o’clock, electromyogram.”
Willie tells football player, Luther “Boom Boom” Jackson, ”You’d be surprised how many people try to fake a thing like this.”
Willie tells Harry, referring to Dr. Schindler, ”He’s gonna give you a shot to help you pass those tests.”
Harry: ”I just hope they don’t give me a saliva test.”
Willie: ”We’ve still got Sam the hypnotist coming.”
”Just a little post-hypnotic suggestion.”
”You’re gonna have such symptoms like you wouldn’t believe.”
Schindler injects Harry. (0:40)

Prof. Winterhalter answers another doctor: "Fake.”
Doctor: ”We seem to be confronted with a classic syndrome.”
Winterhalter: ”Also fake.”
Doctor: ”Fascinating isn't it, the way we can now corroborate subjective symptoms.”
Winterhalter; “Fake... Fake”
”Then we have lost a patient...”
”Also fake.” (0:47)

O’brien tells the others, "... is the patient indeed disabled, or is he merely simulating?" (0:49)

Willie asks Harry, "Are you crazy?"
”How can you be so selfish?” (0:53)

By telephone, Harry tells Sandy, "I was full of sedatives." (0:55)

Private investigator Chester Purkey tells his assistant, "Except that idiot cameraman..." (0:59)

Willie tells Harry, "I’ve been... getting depositions..."
”Look at this deposition.”
”Worry not...” (1:06)

Sandy tells Boom Boom, "I wouldn’t brood about it." (1:13)

Harry tells Sandy, "Don’t worry." (1:18)

His assistant tells Purkey, "I think I’m going out of my mind." (1:21)

Harry tells Boom Boom, "You have your own job to worry about." (1:24)

By telephone, Harry asks Willie, "What are you, my marriage counselor?" (1:27)

Willie tells Elvira and Harry, "That all the money... is going to go into the Harry Hinkle Foundation to help the handicapped." (1:33)

Elvira asks Willie, "What’s all this about you helping the handicapped?"
Willie: ”Worry not.” (1:35)

Lawyers play their recording of Willie: “That all the money... is going to go into the Harry Hinkle Foundation to help the handicapped." (1:37)

Television reporter: "Luther “Boom Boom” Jackson... was released on bail today after being charged with drunkenness..." (1:42)

Willie tells Harry, "You walked right into a trap, you idiot."
Elvira: ”I’m the idiot.” (1:52)

By radio, Wille tells the detectives, "I am both shocked and dismayed to learn that my client has been deceiving me." (1:55)

Harry tells Boom Boom, "Remember what you said in the hospital about what you’d do to anybody who called your buddy a faker? Well, I say Harry Hinkle is a faker."
”You had this mental block.”
”Boom Boom Jackson and some nut who wants to call himself the dark angel.” (2:00)