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The Four Feathers (1939)

John Clements, Ralph Richardson, C. Aubrey Smith, June Duprez, Allan Jeayes, Jack Allen, Donald Gray, Frederick Culley, Clive Baxter, Robert Rendel, Derek Elphinstone, Hal Walters, Norman Pierce, Henry Oscar, John Laurie, Amid Taftazani
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Dr. Sutton tells General Faversham, "Gordon’s dead."
Faversham, referring to his son Harry: ”I don’t mind telling you, doctor, I’m worried about him.” (0:03)

General Faversham tells the guests, referring to a soldier, "Hung about for a year or two, then blew his brains out."
Dr. Sutton: ”Ah, he had the courage to blow his brains out.” (0:07)

Harry tells his fiancee Ethne Burroughs, "We’ve discussed it so often, the futility of this idiotic Egyptioan adventure, the madness of it all..." (0:24)

Harry tells Dr. Sutton, "An officer who... shot himself in a back room of the Haymarket because his life was ruined..." (0:32)

Dr. Haraz asks Harry, "How then can a doctor help you, except to certify you as mad." (0:35)

Dr. Haraz tells Harry, "Oh, a mad race, the English."
Harry: ”No, not so mad.”
Haraz: ”Then why worry?” (0:39)

Soldier: "We were getting a little worried."
Durrance: ”Ah, need to worry.” (0:55)

Durrance tells Ethne’s brother Peter Burroughs, "I’m feeling a bit groggy." (0:56)

An enemy soldier strikes Harry on the head, rendering him unconscious. (1:00)

Durrance: "I’m blasted near mad."
”Nothing but a blind man and a dumb lunatic.”
Harry stops Durrance from shooting himself. (1:09)

Ethne believes Harry has died.
Dr. Sutton: ”We’re just having a dose of your country air, General.”
General Burroughs: ”It’ll be a dose of bronchitis if you don’t take care.” (1:16)

Her father Gen. Burroughs tells Ethne, referring to a soldier, "He doesn't ask for any pity or sympathy... I know it’s a noble unselfish impulse..." (1:23)

Durrance tells Ethne, "It nearly drove me mad... I was crazy with fever..." (1:23)

Peter Burroughs: "Willoughby, do I still look sane?" (1:27)

Khalifa’s assistant: "So the mad musician of Omdurman was a British spy." (1:32)

Durrance tells Dr. Sutton, "If I’d known from the start it was hopeless, I’d probably have blown my brains out."
Referring to Gen. Burroughs: ”He’ll be crazy about this.” (1:46)

Durrance dictates a letter for Dr. Sutton to write to Ethne: "It means a long course of treatment in Germany... with the happy memory of all you have done to help me through... you’ll find he’s not as mute as I thought he was..." (1:50)

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