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The Four Seasons

Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Len Cariou, Sandy Dennis, Rita Moreno, Jack Weston, Bess Armstrong, Elizabeth Alda, Beatrice Alda
Margaret Thatcher
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Dentist Danny Zimmer tells the others, "Don’t worry about the eggplants." (0:01)

Danny’s photographer friend Anne Callan tells their lawyer friend Jack Burroughs, "I just want to say that that was the most depressing God damned toast that I have ever heard in my life"
”It’s why I’m in analysis...”
Danny: ”I don’t get this close with all my patients.”
”... the world’s most ancient emotions: fear and panic.” (0:07)

Insurance salesman Nick tells the others, "You’re depressing the birds."
Anne tells the others, referring to Nick: ”... two big guys threw him on his head, and he was unconscious for three hours.” (0:12)

Jack tells Nick, "You look distracted."
”Sometimes we drive each other crazy.”
Nick: ”I was crazy as a kid.”
Referring to Anne: ”She gets obsessed with things.” (0:15)

Danny’s painter wife Claudia: "Danny, how come you’re allowed to have all these psychosomatic illnesses...?" (0:25)

Jack’s magazine editor wife Kate: "Jack saw Two Years Before the Mast when he was twelve." (0:28)

His girlfriend Ginny tells Nick, "Everybody’s worried that we don’t know what we’re doing."
Ginny: ”Well, I just think that if anybody’s nervous about it we should stop and talk...” (0:28)

Jack tells Kate, "Danny is driving me crazy."
”He’s hypochondriacal, stingy, bossy, selfish, compulsive and paranoid. He’s the Muhammad Ali of mental illness.” (0:33)

Claudia tells Danny, referring to Ginny, "I’m depressed every time I look at her."
Danny, referring to Ginny and Nick: ”Those two are gonna kill themselves.” (0:34)

Jack tells Kate, referring to Ginny and Nick, "They’re driving me crazy." (0:35)

Danny asks the others, "What’s everybody getting so crazy about?" (0:39)

Male voice, referring to the driver: "... guy’s a maniac."
Jack asks Kate, ”Is that crazy?” (0:50)

Jack asks Nick, referring to Nick’s college student daughter Lisa, "You don’t think she looks a little depressed?" (0:52)

Danny complete’s Nick’s sentence: "Have a nervous breakdown." (0:54)

Claudia tells Anne, "We would’ve been nervous wrecks."
Anne: ”... I’m trying very hard to be less compulsive...”
Referring to Nick: ”He thinks I’m crazy as it is.” (0:59)

Danny tells Jack, referring to Nick, "I lost all my illusions about that guy. Every time I think of him I get angry and depressed."
Jack: ”Don’t get paranoid.”
Danny: ”How come everybody thinks I’m paranoid?”
”Look, don’t try to analyse me. First of all, I’m not your patient...” (1:02)

Lisa tells Jack, referring to other students, "They get drunk and piss off the balconies."
Referring to her friend Marilyn: ”She tried to swallow a bottle of pills.”
Nick: ”I’m trying to appeal to your sense of intelligence and maturity. You sit there like the bride of Frankenstein talking about suicide.” (1:04)

Nick tells Jack, referring to his extra-marital affairs, "They were all intelligent, worthy women... two of them were Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi."
Jack: ”When you want to talk intelligently, I’ll talk...” (1:08)

Nick asks Danny, "How could I know what my share was unless I compulsively added up my bill...?"
Danny: ”Now I’m compulsive. Ten minutes ago I was paranoid.” (1:10)

Kate tells Jack, "Drives me nuts."
Jack: ”I’m enraged.” (1:14)

Jack, referring to Nick: "Is this guy crazy, or what?"
Danny: ”No, he’s not crazy.” (1:25)

Jack tells Danny, "... to be so obsessed with your own body that you take your temperature at the dinner table." (1:28)

Kate: "Look, Ginny, when people have been friends as long as we have, it’s not such a terrible thing to kid somebody out of a depression..." (1:32)

Jack, raging, tells the others, "... all I get from you is secretiveness and neurosis..."
Nick: ”So you freaked out a little.” (1:37)

Danny tells the others, "I just got a little crazy." (1:44)