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The Full Monty

Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, William Snape, Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber, Hugo Speer
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Jean tells Sharon, "I don’t know what you’re worryin’ about with you-know-who on your tail." (0:07)

Gary “Gaz” Schofiled tells his son Nathan, "You got a hangover." (0:08)

Gaz tells the old foreman Gerald Arthur Cooper, "Don’t be so bloody daft." (0:12)

Gaz asks his ex-wife Mandy, "What’s all this about sole custody?" (0:12)

Jean’s husband, Gaz’s friend Dave helps Lomper start his car, so exhaust resumes flowing into the car. When Dave realizes Lomper is trying to kill himself, he removes him from the car.
Dave tells Lomper, ”You could shoot yourself.”
Lomper: ”I can’t stand heights, me.” (0:15)

Gaz tells Dave, referring to Lomper, "No wonder he wants to kill himself."
Dave: ”Kid’s a nutter.”
Gaz: ”Besides, good what’s its name for the lad, therapy.”
Dave: ”Oh, aye, jigglin’ about in the buff, therapy. He won’t be the only one trying to kill himself if you carry on with this caper..” (0:18)

Gerald: "This is crazy." (0:32)

Guy: "Me favorite film’s Singin’ in the Rain." (0:34)

The men watch a recording of Flashdance.
Gaz: ”It’s Flashdance, Dave.” (0:39)

Lomper: "I never said nowt about her personality like."
Dave: ”No, and they won’t say nowt about your personality neither... Bollocks to your personality.” (0:54)

Gaz tells Mandy, "Don’t be daft." (1:07)

Gaz tells Dave, referring to Lomper, "His mum died two days ago."
Dave: ”That... pick and mix were driving me crazy.” (1:12)

Funeral for Lomper’s mother in a cemetery (1:13)

Gaz tells the others, "It’s suicide. That’s what it is, suicide."
Gaz tells his son Nathan, ”Your mum’ll go mad.” (1:21)