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The Girl on the Train (2016)

Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Édgar Ramírez , Laura Prepon, Allison Janney, Darren Goldstein, Lisa Kudrow
The Girl on the Train
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Artist Rachel: “It depends on my mood.” (0:04)

Megan in psychotherapy session tells psychiatrist Dr. Abdic: “My... who died... I tend to smile when I’m nervous.” (0:07)

Anna tells her husband Tom, referring to the phone calls, “It’s getting crazy.” (0:13)

Rachel appears drunk: “… I felt pure rage…” (0:21)

Rachel attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Jason: “I’m an alcoholic.”
Rachel: “He used to tell me what I’d done… there’s time missing…” (0:28)

Det. Riley asks Rachel, “Is that because you were inebriated?”
”It’s my understanding that you were fired from that job over a year ago because of your drinking problem.” (0:33)

Her friend Cathy tells Rachel, “You don’t remember anything, do you?”
“You know I read about this man in Milan, who blacked out…” (0:35)

Rachel tells Riley, “I know it sounds crazy…”
Riley: “… saw a drunk woman in the vicinity of her house…” (0:36)

Megan in session tells Abdic: “I lie all the time… but that’s not the point of therapy…”
”Is it normal I think about you all the time?” (0:37)

Megan’s husband Scott tells Rachel, “There is a guy, therapist…”
”She spends a lot of… time with the shrink.” (0:43)

Megan in psychotherapy session. Abdic calls her “… loco… loco.” (0:45)

Rachel repeats a television Reporter: “Dr. Kimal Abdic has been brought in for questioning on the disappearance of… He was... Mrs. Hipwell’s psychiatrist.“
Rachel: “psychiatrist…” (0:47)

Scott tells Rachel, “I went to a sports bar… and got drunk.” (0:48)

Tom tells Rachel, “… you’re drunk.”
Rachel: “I’m not drunk, Tom.” (0:50)

Abdic tells Rachel, “So you’re here because you want to recover lost memories…”
”Blackouts. You’re experiencing blackouts.”
Abdic tells Rachel, “We can try to regain some of your memories by drawing them.”
“Have you ever gone all the way back to when you started drinking heavily?” (0:51)

Scott tells Rachel, referring to Megan, “She told her shrink, but not me.” (0:58)

Megan goes to Abdic’s home to tell him how her infant daughter died. (1:02)

In a psychotherapy session Rachel tells Abdic, “I missed our home, so one day when I was drunk, I decided to go there.”
Referring to Anna’s baby, ”I know this sounds insane, but I just wanted to hold her.” (1:04)

Anna tells Tom, “I actually miss being the other woman.”
Tom: “... do not fixate on her.” (1:08)

Scott tells Rachel, “It turns out I’m not the father, and neither is the shrink.”
”She used other words, too, alcoholic, maybe even mentally unstable.”
”You’re Tom’s crazy ex...” (1:10)

Riley tells Rachel, “... but what I’m trying to determine is when your obsession with Mr. Hipwell began.” (1:13)

Rachel sees Abdic kissing Megan. (1:15)

A bearded man tells Rachel, “You were wasted. You’re always wasted.” (1:17)

Rachel tells her friend Martha, “I just completely blacked out.” (1:19)

Rachel tells Tom, “You thought I blacked out.” (1:30)

Tom knocks Rachel out with a blow to the head. (1:33)

Tom asks Megan, “What is it with you crazy women?” (1:35)

Tom tells Rachel, “You made me... crazy.” (1:40)

Rachel visits Megan’s grave in a cemetery. (1:44)