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The Heiress

Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, Ralph Richardson, Miriam Hopkins, Vanessa Brown, Betty Linley, Ray Collins, Mona Freeman, Selena Royle, Paul Lees, Harry Antrim, Russ Conway, David Thursby
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His sister Lavinia Penniman tells Dr. Austin Sloper, "Well after all, I’m still in mourning."
”After all, I’m just as grief-stricken, no matter where I am.” (0:07)

Austin tells Lavinia, "Only I know what I lost when she died..." (0:12)

Morris Townsend asks Austin’s daughter Catherine, "Are you a member of the Temperance League?" (0:17)

Austin tells Morris, "... I see that you are extremely intelligent." (0:31)

Austin tells Lavinia, "It’s a diagnosis, my dear." (0:34)

Catherine tells Morris, referring to Lavinia, "She wouldn’t let your father abuse me."
”My father won’t abuse you.” (0:35)

Morris’ sister Mrs. Montgomery tells Austin, referring to Morris, "Well, doctor, he’s intelligent, charming."
Austin: ”Tell me she is not a victim of his selfishness.” (0:45)

Austin tells Catherine, referring to Morris, "He’s a selfish idler."
Catherine: ”Don’t abuse him, father.” (0:58)

Lavinia tells Morris, referring to Catherine and Austin, "They had a bad crossing, and he’s out of mood." (1:11)

Lavinia tells Catherine, "Your father would be shocked."
”Oh, don’t worry.” (1:19)

Austin: "Catherine, I don’t want your Aunt Lavinia in my room at all, unless I should go into a coma." (1:30)

Aunt Elizabeth tells Catherine, "We’ve asked you every year since your father died." (1:37)