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The High and the Mighty

John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Laraine Day, Robert Stack, Jan Sterling, Phil Harris, Robert Newton, David Brian, Paul Kelly
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Far East Crew Chief Ben Sneed tells his coworkders, referring to First Officer Dan Roman, "Dan’s the only guy I ever knew who had guts enough not to commit suicide." (0:05)

Second Officer Hobie Wheeler tells Captain John Sullivan, referring to Dan, "They must’ve been out of their heads to hire an old fire-horse like him." (0:11)

Dan experiences a flashback to the plane crash that killed his wife and son. (0:15)

Dan tells John, referring to an oil leak, "Nothing to worry about." (0:16)

Flight attendant Miss Spalding tells passenger Dorothy Chen, "I don't think you’re going to have to worry about a thing." (0:20)

Hobie tells Spalding, "I thought you were gonna quit smoking." (0:22)

Passenger Sally McKee asks John, "Confused, Captain?"
"... that dream kept me sane for a long time." (0:33)

Navigator Lenny Wibly tells John, referring to Lenny’s wife Susie, “... she was picked up for being drunk...” (0:37)

Lydia Rice tells her husband Howard, "I’m glad it’s the last time you’re going to make that insane request..."
Howard: ”You’re out of your head.”
Furniture salesman Ed Joseph tells Howard, ”The boobie hatches are full of people that keep things to themselves...”
”It’s like the Alcoholics Anonymous... and a fellow who has no particular worries at the time, he sort of feels left out of things...” (0:44)

Another crewman tells amateur radio operator Gonzalez, "You’re off your rocker."
Gonzalez: ”Being shipmates with you is enough to drive anybody off their rocker.” (0:54)

Spalding tells Dorothy, "That’s slang for mentally retarded American girls like me." (0:56)

Fisherman José Locota Agnew tells passenger Frank Briscoe, "I seen a crazy man act like that once." (1:02)

Ken Childs tells Humphrey Agnew, "You’re right out of your head." (1:03)

Dan tells the passengers, "Casualties come from panic..." (1:15)

Passenger Gustave Pardee: "Of course you’re worried, Mrs. Joseph." (1:26)

His wife Lydia tells business man Howard Rice, "At times I’m a very stupid and selfish woman."
Howard: ”I’m hearing things.” (1:40)

Coast Guard plane crewman: "That navigator’s wacky." (1:42)

Sally McKee’s fiance Roy, "I’m still scared you won’t like it up here, unless you’re nuts about the sound of a mountain stream..." (1:46)

Sally tells Professor Donald Flaherty, "Don’t worry about me. I’ve just stopped worrying about losing something I never had a chance to get in the first place." (1:48)

Lenny tells Dan, referring to Lenny’s wife, "Susie will sure be worried." (1:54)

An airport worker tells airline Operations Manager Tim Garfield, referring to Susie, "... she left about an hour ago, drunk." (1:59)

Hobie tells Sally, "Don’t worry." (2:09)

Hobie tells Humphrey, "I’m not worrying." (2:10)