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The Honeymoon Killers

Shirley Stoler, Tony Lo Bianco, Mary Jane Higby, Dortha Duckworth, Doris Roberts, Marilyn Chris, Kip McArdle, Mary Breen
Adolf Hitler
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Nurse Martha Beck tells her friend Bunny, referring to her mother, "She can't help it if she's getting senile." (0:03)

Martha asks her businessman date Raymond Fernandez, referring to her mother, "Would you think I was terrible if I gave her a sleeping pill?" (0:09)

By telephone, Bunny tells Raymond, "I'm just so nervous, I don't know what I'm sayin’."
Referring to Martha: ”She's unconscious.”
”She says you will read about it in the papers when she kills herself.”
By telephone, Martha tells Ray, ”if you don't, I'll kill myself.” (0:14)

Ray tells Martha, "You crazy little fool."
”You would still commit suicide for me?” (0:16)

Martha tells a doctor, "I'm not so sure Hitler wasn't right about you people." (0:18)

By telephone, Martha tells Ray, "Don’t worry."
Ray: ”Look, you say... that you’re going to kill yourself if you can’t come up here.” (0:19)

A woman tells Martha, "It's too bad when they get senile." (0:21)

Martha tells Ray’s new wife Doris, "I tell you I was shocked to see such things from a school teacher." (0:27)

His new wife Myrtle asks Ray, "Can’t you see I’m crazy about you?" (0:36)

Martha asks Myrtle, "You want a sleeping pill?" (0:38)

Martha tells Ray, referring to Myrtle, "Well, mostly she’s worried about whether you can screw or not." (0:39)

Ray tells Myrtle, "Don’t worry." (0:41)

Ray tells Evelyn, referring to Martha, "She’s moody." (0:47)

Ray tells Martha, "You crazy little fool. You crazy fool."
”You crazy fool.”
”You crazy little fool.” (0:49)

Martha tells Ray, "It's because you're making me nervous."
Ray: ”You're nervous?”
”You almost drowned yourself to get it. I suppose the next thing you’ll do is cut your wrists, so I’ll go out and get a job.” (0:55)

Martha tells Ray, referring to Janet Fay, "She sounds senile."
Ray: ”And don’t you worry.” (0:59)

Martha: "Janet, if you decide to do this, don’t worry about money." (1:04)

Martha asks Janet, "Do you want a sleeping pill?"
”Janet, what’s worrying you?”
Janet, referring to Albert and Sarah: ”They’re probably worried to death about me right this minute.”
Martha: ”I wish you’d let me give you a sleeping pill.”
”Janet, I’m going to give you a few sleeping pills.” (1:14)

Janet tells Ray, referring to Sarah, "I don’t want her to worry about me... She’s worried about me."
Martha strikes Janet’s head with a hammer. (1:19)

Ray tells Martha, "Be patient a little while longer."
”It’s perfect, if you’ll just be patient for a little while longer.” (1:28)

A policewoman asks Martha, "Are you nervous?" (1:44)