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The Invisible Man

CastGloria Stuart, Claude Rains, William Harrigan, Dudley Digges, Una O'Connor, Henry Travers, Forrester Harvey
Year released1933
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Scientist Dr. Cranley tells his daughter Flora, "Don’t you worry."
Cranley tells his assistant Dr. Arthur Kemp, ”Hello, Kemp, Flora’s worried about Griffin.” (0:09)

Cranley’s former assistant Dr. Jack Griffin: "There’s a way back, you fool..." (0:12)

Pub patron, referring to Griffin, "He’s a raving lunatic." (0:15)

A man tells Police Constable Jaffers, referring to Griffin, "He’s gone mad." (0:15)

Innkeeper Herbert appears to have suffered a traumatic head injury at the hands of Griffin. (0:16)

Griffin tells the men, "All right, you fools... You’ve driven me near madness... You’re crazy to know who I am..." (0:17)

Griffin: "This will give them a bit of a shock..." (0:18)

Jaffers hits a man on the head by mistake. Griffin asks, "Are you satisfied now, you fools?... a little of this injected under the skin..." (0:18)

Griffin strikes a man on the head with broom. (0:20)

Cranley tells Kemp, "Monocaine’s a terrible drug.”
”It’s a drug that’s made from a flower..."
”It was injected under the skin...”
”... and it also sent it raving mad.”
Kemp, referring to Griffin: ”He’d never touch a thing with madness in it.” (0:22)

Radio reporter: "It takes the form of a delusion... The whole village is in a state of panic..."
Griffin tells Kemp, ”... panic, death...”
”Sit down, you fool...” (0:24)

Police inspector: "Nice fool you’ve made of me..." (0:28)

Griffin tells Kemp, "... the last little mixture of drugs..."
”The fools wouldn’t let me work in peace...”
”The drugs I took seemed to light up my brain...” (0:30)

Griffin asks Kemp, "What can a guard do, you fool?"
”Don’t stare at me, you fool...” (0:33)

Griffin strikes the inspector on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:37)

Griffin tells Kemp, referring to the police inspector, "... smashed his head in." (0:37)

Newspaper headline, "UNSEEN MANIAC..." (0:38)

Chief of detectives, referring to Griffin: "He’s mad, and he’s invisible... we must avoid a panic spreading." (0:41)

Kemp tells Cranley, referring to Griffin, "He’s mad, a raving lunatic..." (0:43)

Cranley tells Flora, "At present he’s mad..." (0:45)

Kemp tells Griffin, "Flora was nearly mad with anxiety." (0:47)

Cranley tells Flora, "I tell you he’s insane." (0:47)

Cranley tells Kemp, "We must... chloroform him." (0:48)

Griffin tells Flora, "Well don’t worry..." (0:51)

Chief of detectives, referring to Griffin, "He’s roaming the country at will, a madman." (0:55)

Chief of detectives answers a reporter, "Because he’s not a fool." (0:57)

Chief of detectives tells Kemp, "Don’t be a fool." (0:59)

Griffin’s physician tells Cranley, "The effect of the drugs will die with him."
Griffin dies with Flora nearby. (1:09)

Reference in Gods and Monsters

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