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The Kennel Murder Case

William Powell, Mary Astor, Eugene Pallette
Amytal | amobarbital
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Brisbane Coe tells Doris Delafield, "I can stand one dog, but this bedlam is getting on my nerves." (0:02)

Brisbane Coe tells secretary Raymond Wrede, "How any intelligent man can read that drivel is beyond me." (0:05)

Butler Gamble tells, Raymond, "Mr. Archer Coe has killed himself."
”Killed himself?” (0:13)

By telephone, police Sgt. Mellish asks Gamble, "Suicide?"
Detective: ”Suicide?” (0:13)

Reporter, by telephone: "Last night Archer Coe committed suicide." (0:14)

Philo Vance hears the reporter on a radio: "Archer Coe... committed suicide last night..." (0:15)

By telephone, District Attorney Markham tells Philo, referring to Archer, "Too bad he had to bump himself off like that."
Philo: ”Are you sure that he did bump himself off?”
”Well if you knew Archer Cole, you would know that suicide is almost a psychological impossibility for him.”
Markham: ”Psychological, bosh.” (0:15)

Philo tells Markham, "You know, I can’t conceive of a man on the verge of suicide being very deeply concerned over winning a championship at a dog show." (0:17)

Detective Heath, referring to Archer: "Bumped himself off." (0:19)

Heath: "This guy locked himself in here and blew out his brains."
”How the devil could it be anything but suicide?”
Philo: ”... but doesn’t it strike you as rather odd that a man should suddenly decide to commit suicide while changing from his street clothes to pajamas?”
Markham: ”A man debating suicide might get partially undressed and walk up and down for hours trying to make up his mind.”
Philo: ”This was supposed to suggest suicide, but someone miscalculated.”
Heath: ”The way you figure it out... he gets up... plants himself in a comfortable chair with a loaded gun in his hand to suggest suicide.” (0:20)

Wrede, "It’s your uncle Archer, Hilda, he killed himself last night."
Markham tells Hilda, ”It has every appearance of suicide.”
Hilda: ”Maybe he did shoot himself.” (0:22)

Reporter: "Suicide, my eye."
Heath: ”It’s suicide, and that’s that.”
”It’s still suicide” (0:26)

Heath tells coroner Dr. Doremus, "Just plain suicide. This guy locked himself in a room and bumped himself off."
Doremus: ”Suicide?”
”And the routine autopsy we can do tomorrow, as it’s just a case of suicide.”
”It’s just the kind of wound that might have been self-inflicted.”
Referring to the blow to the head: ”Probably rendered him unconscious for a while.”
Philo: ”What do you think of the suicide theory now, Sergeant?”
Heath: ”... if he had shot, slugged and stabbed himself...”
Heath asks Doremus, ”Do you think there’s any possible chance of that being suicide?” (0:28)

Butler Gamble tells Philo, referring to Archer, "Now that you mention it, he was distracted and very irritable." (0:32)

Philo tells Eduardo Grassi, "As a matter of fact Mr. Coe didn’t commit suicide." (0:45)

Grassi tells Heath, "Don’t worry." (0:54)

Doremus tells Hilda, referring to Sir Thomas, "I gave him three grains of sodium Amytal to quiet his nerves." (0:58)

Philo asks Doremus, ”Could the wound have been self-inflicted, doctor?”
Sir Thomas: ”I felt a sharp pain in my arm as I lost consciousness.” (0:59)

Philo: "Then, in a blind rage of the moment, the killer saw a Chinese dagger... True to the instinct of his breed, the dog sensed an enemy... Meanwhile, Coe slowly regained consciousness... he carefully placed the gun in Archer’s hand, as though it had been suicide..."
Heath: ”I’m going screwy.”
Heath: “I’ve said it was suicide all along.” (1:02)

Heath tells Markham, "That suicide story might work alright for Archer Coe, but I forgot all about Brisbane."
Philo tells someone by telephone, ”I’m depending on his instinct.” (1:09)

Hilda: "Raymond, are you crazy?" (1:10)

Wrede tells Philo, "I don’t remember anything after that." (1:12)