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The King of Comedy

CastRobert De Niro, Jerry Lewis, Diahnne Abbott, Sandra Bernhard, Ed Herlihy
Year released1982
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Host Ed Herlihy introduces "... Dr. Joyce Brothers..." (0:00)

Fan: "... Robin Williams..." (0:02)

Stand-up comedian Rupert Pupkin tells late-night television host Jerry Langford, "I’m a little nervous."
Jerry: ”... this is a crazy business...” (0:07)

His bartender friend Rita Keene answers Rupert, "Marilyn Monroe."
Rupert: ”She signed this when she was in New York doing her last publicity tour for The Misfits.”
Rupert: ”Woody Allen...”
Rita: ”Looks like ‘retard’.”
”Your shrink?”
Rupert: ”I mean, crazier things have happened.” (0:17)

Photograph of Liza Minnelli (0:22)

Rupert answers Jerry’s fan Masha, "Because you're a wacko. I'm telling you, you're a wacko." (0:31)

His mother asks Rupert, "Are you crazy?" (0:33)

In Rupert's fantasy, Jerry tells Rupert, referring to Rupert's jokes, "They're marvelous, you daffy bastard." (0:37)

In Rupert’s fantasy, Joyce Brothers appears as a guest on Jerry’s show, then in attendance at Rupert’s wedding to Rita. (0:41)

Jerry’s security guard tells Rupert, "Don’t worry." (0:51)

Rupert asks Rita, referring to a photograph, "Remember this one with Ray Charles on Jerry's special?" (0:54)

Rupert tells Jerry, "You've got more important things to worry about."
Jerry: ”Did anyone ever tell you you're a moron?”
”So did Hitler.”
”Then you're going to have idiots like you playing your life.” (0:58)

Jerry asks Rupert, "Are you crazy?" (1:03)

Masha tells Rupert, "Not so uptight."
”You're driving me nuts.”
”You're driving me crazy.” (1:09)

Harry tells the others, referring to Rupert, "This lunatic is threatening Jerry's life, and you’re not going to put him on the air?"
Lawyer Jay: “How can you say, ‘I was crazy?’”
”Only an idiot kidnaps, and only an idiot decides to do what you guys are doing.”
Television executive: ”You're out of your mind.”
FBI Inspector Garrity: ”No, I'm not out of my mind.” (1:14)

Masha tells Jerry, "I feel completely impulsive tonight... I always get really worried about you... I love you... I'm not in the mood to drink either, though. I'm sure in the mood to be alone with you... wouldn't that be insane?" (1:19)

Masha tells Jerry, "Let's do something crazy tonight, just get insane. I want to be crazy. I want to be nuts... my doctor says... you can’t get crazy... I'd like to see myself out of my head. Wouldn't you like to see me out of my head?" (1:29)

Rupert’s comedy routine, referring to his mother: "She was blond, beautiful, intelligent, alcoholic... her alcohol had 2% blood... if you knocked me out, you got extra credit... you'll think I was crazy..." (1:37)

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