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The Learning Tree

Kyle Johnson, Alex Clarke, Estelle Evans, Dana Elcar, Mira Waters, Joel Fluellen, Malcolm Atterbury, Richard Ward
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Uncle Rob: "Now, don’t start worrying, Sarah." (0:03)

Marcus Savage tells his father Booker , "Go to hell, you old drunk." (0:04)

Sarah Winger tells her son Newt, "Tuck’s gone." (0:24)

Judge Cavanaugh tells Marcus, "I have just committed you to Spitz Reformatory for six months." (0:28)

Her husband Jack tells Sarah, "Don’t worry about nothin’." (0:57)

Jake Kiner tells his former worker Silas Newhall, "It’s past noon, and you’re tanked up again."
”You old drunk.” (1:13)

Jake tells Silas, "You drunken bum, get off my property before I throw you off."
Booker renders Jake unconscious with a blow to the head. (1:17)

Silas tells Sheriff Kirky, "You must be loony." (1:18)

Sarah, referring to Jake’s wife Mary, "Poor woman’s loaded down with grief." (1:19)

Gunshot off camera
Sheriff Kirky, referring to Booker Savage: ”He shot himself dead.” (1:30)

A woman from Logan’s restaurant tells Marcus, referring to Booker, "He just shot hisself over at the courthouse." (1:33)

Kirky tells Marcus, referring to Booker, "He shot hisself with my gun." (1:33)

Doc Craven, with Sarah’s family present: "Newt, your mother’s gone." (1:35)

Mary Kiner visits Jake’s grave in the cemetery as pallbearers carry Sarah’s coffin to her burial. (1:39)