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The Locket

Laraine Day, Brian Aherne, Robert Mitchum, Gene Raymond
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A wedding guest reads horoscope information to bride-to-be Nancy Monks Blair Patton, "... these Scorpio people can be exceedingly cruel, selfish... and destructive." (0:04)

Dr. Harry Blair tells Nancy's groom John Willis, "I practice psychiatry here in New York."
Referring to his ex-wife Nancy: ”She's a hopelessly twisted personality.”
”Yes, in Miami, where I had gone to be with a patient... despite my psychiatric training, I was unable to detect the slightest flaw in her...” (0:04)

Harry’s receptionist Ms. Wyatt tells him, referring to portrait painter Norman Clyde, "He isn't a patient." (0:09)

Norman tells Harry, "... most psychos are older."
”I'm not here for treatment.”
Harry: ”I'm an analyst.”
Norman: ”I'm not a patient.”
Harry: ”You're suffering from hysteria.”
To himself: ”I would have liked to psychoanalyze him... and yet... masochistic curiosity goaded me on.” (0:09)

Nancy’s friend Thelma tells Norman, "Paranoiac Clyde would be more to the point." (0:14)

Norman, to himself: "Paranoiac Clyde." (0:15)

Nancy’s boss Drew Bonner tells Nancy and Norman, "When I think of Cassandra, I see a mad woman..." (0:19)

Drew’s wife Martha tells the others, referring to her necklace, "I'm always a little nervous when I wear this." (0:21)

Norman tells Nancy, "You must be out of your mind."
Nancy: ”My father had just died.” (0:24)

Norman: "I hated myself for doing this, but I couldn't stop looking." (0:39)

Norman reads from an interview printed in the newspaper to Nancy, "... hysterical outburst..."
Nancy: ”You've got this crazy idea.”
Norman: ”I love you. Is that crazy?”
Nancy, referring to Norman: ”Arrogant, suspicious, neurotic.”
Norman: ”It isn't neurotic to be jealous.”
Nancy: ”It's worse than neurotic to be jealous of a dead man.” (0:41)

Norman tells Nancy, "I'm so crazy about you."
”I must have been out of my mind.”
”if I had to relive these past few weeks, I'd kill myself.” (0:44)

Harry tells Norman, "Doubt is a symptom... you show an abnormal and obsessive concern in this matter. Isn't it possible, Mister Clyde, that you're really trying to save your ego, your self-esteem as a man?"
”We don't always know we're lying, especially under emotional stress.”
”... When a patient tells me he has pain, I believe him...” (0:47)

Ms. Donovan in session with Harry. (0:49)

Nancy tells Harry, referring to a play, "It's about a schizophrenic who killed his wife and doesn't know it."
”Now, it may not be sound psychologically...”
Referring to Norman: ”He's nice but moody.”
Harry: ”Now if you were a patient, I should disapprove...”
Nancy: ”At first I was confused.”
Referring to Norman: ”I tried to laugh it off, but it became an obsession with him.”
Harry: ”You must be sick of my... paranoia... fantasies.”
”An analyst must not be emotionally involved with his patient.” (0:51)

Norman tells Harry, "You're no psychiatrist." (0:57)

Harry tells Nancy, referring to Norman, "I gave him a sedative." (0:58)

Norman tells Harry, "In the eyes of the world you're a smart psychiatrist... I'm just a mixed-up patient."
Harry: ”... if I were in your place, I think I'd pursue my anxiety problem a little further... you do need treatment.”
Norman: ”Don't worry about me, doctor.” (0:59)

Newspaper headline after Norman has apparently jumped through the window of Harry’s office to his death: "Artist In Death Leap"
”Suicide Motive Not Determined: Norman Clyde... committed suicide... by leaping form the window of Dr. Harry S. Blair’s office... not a patient of his...” (1:01)

Harry: "Nancy was worried about my being so tired." (1:02)

Harry: "Lord Wyndham proved to be a gracious host, addicted to hiking..." (1:05)

Lord Wyndham tells Nancy, "Don't you worry about that." (1:06)

Harry asks Lord Wyndham, "Doesn't it worry you to have things of such value in the house?" (1:06)

The chauffeur tells Nancy and Harry, "Her ladyship's worried about her necklace." (1:07)

Nancy tells Harry, "Now go on, and stop worrying." (1:11)

Nancy tells Harry, "I suppose you've been worried to death." (1:14)

Nancy tells John, "Dr. Blair's on the staff of the institute for psychiatric research."
Harry: ”It's a place for mental cases.”
”Oh, stop treating me like a lunatic.” (1:16)

Nancy tells John, referring to Harry, "It's depressing to see a man in that state... He wasn't the only one who cracked up..."
”He psychoanalyzed me.”
John: ”He probably got you mixed up with a lot of other patients.” (1:18)

Nancy screams and faints. (1:23)

Harry tells John, referring to Nancy, "Mentally she's a child now... she shut it out completely..."
”... lockets are only symbols...” (1:23)