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The Man Without a Face (1993)

CastMel Gibson, Margaret Whitton, Fay Masterson, Gaby Hoffmann, Geoffrey Lewis, Richard Masur, Nick Stahl
Year released1993
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Young Chuck Norris tells his half-sister Megan, "You're nuts." (0:05)

Chuck's mother tells a man, "That's crazy." (0:08)

Chuck cycles past a cemetery. (0:14)

Chuck, referring to ex-teacher Justin McLeod: "If he's a cannibal, I'll just tell him I have bone cancer." (0:15)

Male voice: "What do you see in the inkblot, Charles."
”Charles, what do you think I mean by the term ‘passive aggressive’?”
”What do you see in the inkblot, Charles?” (0:15)

Chuck tells Justin, "It's kind of like naming Godzilla Bambi, huh?"
”This may sound crazy but,...”
Justin: ”Why does that sound crazy?”
Chuck: ”... I'm the family retard.”
Justin: ”Nothing at all to do with pre pubescent angst then?”
Chuck, referring to his father: ”He was in Korea, and then he died in a jet crash...”(0:18)

Yale professor Carl Hartley tells Chuck, "I don't need any of that imperialistic post-Hegelian, authoritarian crap for my ego." (0:20)

Man: "According to my sources, he was a mad professor, like Carl here."
”Anyway, he was a classic case of murder suicide...”
Carl tells Todd, ”Besides, I'm too drunk.” (0:26)

Chuck rides his bicycle up to Megan in the cemetery.
Meg tells Chuck, referring to their mother and Justin, ”She thinks he's a psycho.”
”Get off me, you maniac.” (0:35)

Chuck, referring to Justin: "Lunatic." (0:36)

Gloria: "Idiot Charles doesn't read poetry." (0:45)

Gloria asks Catherine, "Isn't that what the psychiatrist said?" (0:48)

Catherine asks Meg, referring to Chuck, "Is he doing drugs?" (0:52)

Carl tells Gloria, "Don't freak with delight, it might go to my head."
Gloria tells Chuck, ”Your cat, brother, has developed a fetish for my underwear.”
Gloria, referring to Chuck: ”Shouldn't we worry about his background?” (1:03)

Catherine: "Bedlam." (1:06)

Chuck asks Justin, "Do you think I'm crazy, you know, one of those kids who offs himself, and then writes a letter blaming Ed Sullivan?"
”The shrinks at school thought I was pretty twisted.”
Justin: ”You needn't worry, Norstadt, you're not crazy.”
Chuck: ”What do you mean, you're crazy, Charles?” (1:10)

Gloria's boyfriend Doug tells Chuck, "Hey, calm down, kid. You're crazy."
Gloria: ”Of course he's crazy. His father was a psychotic maniac.”
Gloria tells Chuck, ”Your father was an abusive drunk who killed himself in a mental hospital...” (1:20)

Paper: "Psychiatric Institute" (1:21)

Chuck tells Justin, referring to Chuck's father, "... He walked out on me to be a drunk... To be a crazy... drunk, who killed himself in a mental institution." (1:22)

Justin: "There's nothing to worry about."
Police Chief Wayne Stark tells Chuck: ”Your mother is worried about you.” (1:23)

Chuck asks Catherine, "Is that why you divorced him, because he was psycho?"
Catherine, referring to Justin: ”He was abusing the boy, Charles.” (1:25)

Dr. Talbot administers the Rorschach to Chuck. (1:29)

Chuck asks Justin, "The boy in the car, the boy that died, did you molest him?"
Justin: ”Did I ever abuse you?” (1:36)

Justin tells Dr. Talbot, referring to student Patrick Scott, "He developed a fixation with me that I didn't know how to deal with... He became enraged, desperate..." (1:41)

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