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The Miracle Worker (1962)

CastAnne Bancroft, Patty Duke, Victor Jory, Inga Swenson, Andrew Prine, Kathleen Comegys
Year released1962
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James Keller tells his mother Kate, referring to his sister Helen, "Some asylum is the kindest thing."
”Half sister and half mentally defective.” (0:07)

The Keller’s carriage passes by a graveyard. (0:15)

His father Captain Arthur Keller finishes James’ sentence, referring to General Ulysses Grant, "And a drunk."
”... what did you find to admire in such a man, Jimmy, the drunkenness or the butchery?”
”Drunk?” (0:36)

James tells Kate, referring to tutor Anne Sullivan, "I thought what she said was exceptionally intelligent." (0:39)

Anne reads from a book: "... if there were one who had as much patience as thee...”
”...awaken her to a consciousness of her immortal nature." (0:51)

Anne tells Kate, referring to Kate’s daughter Helen, "Mrs. Keller, I don’t think Helen’s worst handicap is deafness or blindness."
Kate: ”Miss Annie, before you came here, we spoke of putting her in an asylum.”
Arthur: ”For mental defectives.”
Anne: ”The asylum? I grew up in such an asylum... some insane, some just had the D.T.s...” (0:57)

Anne tells Arthur, "I said it was my main worry." (1:36)

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