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The Morning After (1986)

Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges, Raul Julia
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Actress Alexandra “Alex” Sternbergen awakens to find cinematographer Bobby Korschack dead in their bed. (0:03)

Alex tells her hairdresser husband Joaquin “Jackie” Manero, "I don’t remember a damn thing." (0:06)

Alex tells Bobby’s corpse, "But if I did do it, you must’ve gotten me crazy. You call me a lush? Something crazy like that?" (0:26)

Ex-cop Turner Kendall tells Alex he’s "Disabled."
Alex: ”Don’t look disabled to me.” (0:29)

Alex asks Turner, "How’d you get disabled?"
Alex: ”Oh, hassling drunks and hookers?” (0:36)

By telephone, Alex asks Jackie, "Who’s drunk?" (0:41)

Turner asks Alex, "You black out, don’t you?" (0:48)

Turner tells Alex, "Well, either you did it, and you blacked out... or you blacked out, and you were set up."
”You’re a lush with a record.” (0:50)

Her friend Frankie tells Alex, "Honey, I’m a drag queen, not a transvestite." (0:52)

Alex asks Turner, "Who, me, the drunk?" (0:53)

Alex tells Turner, referring to his ex-wife, "She must’ve been crazy." (1:00)

Turner tells Alex, "You’re a blackout drunk." (1:09)

Korschak’s neighbor tells Turner, referring to Alex’s behavior, "It was more ranting and raving."
Turner: ”She was drunk.” (1:12)

His detective friend Sgt. Herb Greenbaum tells Turner, "I’m talking about the kind of cleaning my wife would go crazy to find somebody to do for us."
By radio, Greenbaum tells Charlie, referring to Turner, ”Retired, fired, or disabled.” (1:18)

Jackie tells Alex, "You were passed out, am I right?" (1:21)

Greenbaum tells Turner, "You’ll pass out." (1:30)

Alex tells Turner, "You don’t wanna live with a... with a lush, is that it?"
”I haven’t had a drunk in two days and a night.”
Turner: ”I was a drunk for ten years.” (1:36)