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The Mortal Storm

Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart, Robert Young, Robert Stack, Frank Morgan, Dan Dailey, Ward Bond, Maria Ouspenskaya
Adolf Hitler
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Freya Roth tells her father Viktor’s student Fritz Marberg, "You’re crazy." (0:14)

The Roth’s maid Marta tells the others, "They have made Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany."
Viktor tells Freya: ”Adolf Hitler, Chancellor...”
Radio reporter: ”The delirious frenzy of the people defies description.”
Viktor: ”Your mother’s worried about me, I think.”
”Men have given great power to Adolf Hitler.” (0:17)

Freya tells her veterinary student friend Martin Breitner, "You’re so sane." (0:25)

Doorman Lehman tells Viktor, "I should say heil Hitler..."
Professor: ”Heil HItler.”
Lehman: ”Heil Hitler.” (0:37)

Martin’s sister Elsa tells their mother Hilda, "If I should say anything to hurt Martin, I’d kill myself." (0:52)

Her step-brother Otto von Rohn tells Freya, referring to Viktor "He died of a heart attack."
Freya: ”These maniacs you believe in killed him. They killed my father.” (1:11)

A passenger tells Viktor’s wife Amelie and Freya, "My wife is a little nervous." (1:13)

Freya tells Martin, "It was so crazy, so dangerous." (1:19)

Freya: "Why Martin, did I faint?"
Freya dies in Martin’s arms. (1:34)

Their friend Fritz tells Otto and Otto’s brother Erich, referring to Freya, "She died before reaching the village." (1:35)