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The Naked Kiss

CastConstance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Michael Dante, Virginia Grey, Patsy Kelly, Betty Bronson, Marie Devereux, Karen Conrad, Betty Robinson, Gerald Michenaud, Neyle Morrow, Sally Mills, Breena Howard, Edy Williams
Year released1964
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Pimp Farlunde: "I'm drunk, Kelly.... I'm drunk, Kelly."
Kelly: ”I'm not robbing you, you drunken leech.” (0:00)

Theater marquee: ”Shock Corridor” (0:04)

Police Captain Griff tells Kelly, referring to her hair, "You're crazy, mussing it up that way."
”It means you and me will get along like noise and a hangover if you pitch tent in my bivouac.” (0:08)

Seamstress Josephine tells Kelley, "I've kept this room ready for him ever since I got the president’s wire that Charlie was killed in the war." (0:17)

J.L. Grant answers Kelly, "Baudelaire." (0:34)

Kelly tells Miss Josephine, "I'm worried about Buff." (0:41)

Kelly surprises Grant with a young girl. (1:05)

Kelly tells Griff, referring to a man: "He was put away in a psycho ward... Is the sign of a pervert."
Referring to Grant: ”He was molesting a child.”
Griff: ”You were supposed to be in a state of shock.”
”You were in a well-rehearsed state of shock...”
Kelly, referring to Farlunde: ”To get even he spiked my drink with a knockout pill... I waited until he was drunk, and then I took exactly what was coming to me.” (1:08)

Kelly tells Griff, referring to Buff, "I know I can change her mind about this crazy scheme." (1:16)

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