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The Night of the Iguana

CastRichard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon, Skip Ward, Grayson Hall, Cyril Delevanti, Mary Boylan
Year released1964
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Reverend Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon tells the congregation as they leave the sanctuary, "You've turned your backs on the god of love and compassion and invented for yourself this cruel, senile delinquent who blames the world and all that he created for his own faults." (0:04)

Tourist Charlotte tells (now tour guide) Shannon, "You don't have to worry about this measly old job."
”... I couldn't let you worry.”
Shannon: ”Honey, the border I'm crossing over is the border of sanity, honey.” (0:19)

Bus driver Hank asks Shannon, "You gone crazy or something?" (0:26)

Hotel manager Maxine Faulk asks Shannon, "How long you been off it, Shannon?"
The wagon.”
Shannon: ”I'm not drunk.”
Maxine, referring to her husband: ”Fred’s dead.” (0:28)

Maxine asks Shannon, "With those shakes?"
Shannon: ”That's when blind panic took over.”
Maxine: ”Just panicked?”
Shannon: ”Maxine, don't say just ‘panic’ like you'd say ‘just leprosy.’ Panic’s serious.” (0:37)

Maxine tell Shannon, referring to artist Hannah Jelkes and her poet grandfather Nonno, "They look like a couple of loonies."
Shannon tells Hannah, ”Oh, I shouldn't worry about that.” (0:40)

Maxine tells Hannah, referring to Fred, "He hardly ever opened his mouth, except when he got drunk and sang his songs."
”Fred used to say he guessed he was impotent...”
”... He was better than any headshrinker because he knew what was bugging you even before you told him.” (0:52)

Shannon tells Hannah, referring to a young Sunday school teacher, "The next day she cut herself with her father's straight blade razor." (1:05)
”They put me in a nice little private asylum to recover from a complete nervous breakdown.”

Maxine asks Charlotte's chaperone Judith Fellowes, "Then how about a little pot?" (1:07)

Maxine tells Hannah, "Don't you worry, honey"
Hank tells Charlotte, ”Well, don't worry about me recognizing an opportunity.” (1:15)

Maxine tells Hannah, referring to Shannon, "He cracks up like this so regular, you can set a calendar buy it." (1:20)

Shannon tells Hannah he is going for "The long swim, to China" (1:25)

Hannah tells Shannon, "Poppy seed makes a mild sedative drink that helps you get through nights that are hard for you to get through."
Shannon: ”I'm panicking.”
”Man can die of panic.”
Maxine tell Shannon: ”I'm going to have you carted off to the casa de locos.”
”You can holler and howl to your heart's content in the casa de Locos.”
Shannon tells Hannah, ”I'm a bad drunk.”
Hannah: ”You were drunk when you came to Miss Fellowes’ rescue.”
Shannon: ”I got drunker.”
”Yes, lunacy in death.”
Hannah: ”That was soon after my parents were killed in an automobile accident, and I was very alone.”
Shannon: ”Who's the person you told Maxine you'd helped through a crack-up like this.?”
Hannah, referring to her ‘blue devils’: ”... they respect all the tricks that panicky people use to outwit and outlast their panic.”
Referring to an iguana: ”Can you honestly tell me that he is not able to feel pain and panic?”
Shannon tells Maxine: ”So that one of God's creatures could be free from panic and scamper home...” (1:26)

Nonno dies. Hannah, overcome with grief, goes inside. (1:48)

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