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The Old Dark House

CastBoris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton, Lilian Bond, Ernest Thesiger, Eva Moore, Raymond Massey, Gloria Stuart, Elspeth Dudgeon, Brember Wills
Year released1932
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Horace Femm tells Philip Waverton, his wife Margaret, and their friend Penderel, referring to the butler, "You see Morgan is dumb." (0:07)

Horace toasts Penderel: "I give you illusion."
Penderel: ”Illusion?”
Horace: ”I’m afraid I’m rather nervous. I am rather a nervous man.”
Referring to Morgan: ”Sometimes he drinks heavily. A night like this would set him going, and once he’s drunk, he’s rather dangerous.” (0:11)

Horace’s sister Rebecca tells Margaret, referring to Rebecca’s sister Rachel, "She died when she was 21" (0:14)

Penderel, referring to Margaret: "Ah, the famous old women’s intuition."
”Miss DuCane, what does your intuition tell you about me?”
”You see I’ve not much sympathy with fish out of water...”
Sir William Porterhouse, referring to his wife: ”Well, she dies.” (0:25)

Rebecca tells the others, referring to Morgan, "He’s in the kitchen now, drunk, quite drunk." (0:29)

Horace tells Philip, referring to Morgan, "He’s drunk, you know." (0:35)

Philip strikes Morgan on the head with a lamp, rendering him unconscious.
Philip tells Margaret, ”He’ll be conscious in a minute, though he’ll probably fall asleep again. He’s very drunk.” (0:40)

Gladys tells Penderel, "I think she must have gone mad... I’ve got a crazy idea..."
Gladys: ”Do you think I’m mad?”
Penderel: ”Quite mad, my darling...” (0:44)

Sir William tells Gladys, "I think you’re a lunatic, but I’m not angry." (0:47)

Sir William tells Penerel, "I think you’re off your head." (0:48)

Rebecca and Horace’s father Sir Roderick Femm tells Philip and Margaret, "Two of my children died when they were 20, and then... madness came." (0:51)

Philip tells Penderel, "Listen, there’s a madman upstairs." (0:54)

Rebecca and Horace’s brother Saul tell Penderel, "I’m not mad. I swear before heaven I’m not mad." (0:59)

Morgan cries over Saul’s death. (1:07)

Reference in Gods and Monsters

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