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The Old Maid (1939)

Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins, George Brent, Donald Crisp, Jane Bryan, James Stephenson, Jerome Cowan, William Lundigan, Cecilia Loftus, Rand Brooks
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Maid Dora: "You don't seem a bit nervous, Miss Delia."
Delia Lovell: ”Nervous?” (0:01)

Delia tells her cousin Charlotte Lovell, referring to Clem Spender, "He might be intoxicated when you get there." (0:07)

Charlotte tells Clem, "You're crazy and impulsive." (0:10)

Dora: "Oh, I was worried for you, Miss Charlotte."
Charlotte tells Clem, ”That's why I'm so worried for you.”
Clem: ”Please don't worry about me...” (0:17)

Cemetery (0:22)

Charlotte asks Dora, "Tell me, what are the first symptoms?"
Dr. Lanskell tells Charlotte, ”Well, well, you worry, worry, worry.”
”... I think I should prescribe one licorice candy.” (0:22)

Delia tells Charlotte, "Tuesday's getting nearer, and now I'm worried."
Delia: ”You said yourself your first instinct was to tell Joe the truth.” (0:25)

Lanskell tells Charlotte’s fiance Joe Ralston, "That’s a very bad sign." (0:39)

Lanskell tells Charlotte, referring to Joe’s brother, Delia’s husband Jim, "Concussion, skull fracture..." (0:41)

Charlotte tells Joe,"I've been living on at the same old place since granny died."
Joe: ”Will you forgive an indelicate idiot?”
Lanskell tells Delia that Jim has died. (0:42)

Charlotte’s daughter Tina’s boyfriend Lanning’s father tells his mother, "Don’t worry." (0:58)

Lanskell, referring to Tina, "I shouldn't worry too much about her, Charlotte." (0:59)

Charlotte: "I'm so worried." (1:08)

Lanskell tells Delia, "Ever since the day Tina went to you instinctively as her mother, you’ve watched Charlotte turn into a bitter, frustrated woman..." (1:22)

Charlotte tells Delia, "She thinks of him for years in all sorts of unconscious ways..." (1:25)

Delia tells Tina, referring to people, "Sometimes they're selfish." (1:31)