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The Private Life of Henry VIII

CastCharles Laughton, Robert Donat, Franklin Dyall, Miles Mander, Laurence Hanray, William Austin, John Loder, Claud Allister, Gibb McLaughlin, Sam Livesey, Elsa Lancaster, Merle Oberon
Year released1933
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The king’s nurse tells a lady, "The King’s in one of his merry moods." (0:03)

Execution of Anne Boleyn (0:16)

Thomas Cromwell tells King Henry VIII, "The Prince is alive, Your Majesty, but the Queen is dead." (0:21)

The nurse tells Henry, "You’ve lost your wits." (0:25)

Thomas Culpeper Lady Catherine Howard, "What lady of the court with eyes like wild violets, with a sweeter shape, with a mouth to drive a man mad?"
Catherine: ”Tom, I think you are mad.” (0:26)

One cook asks another, "Is the King in one of his black moods again?" (0:28)

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer tells Culpeper, "You’re drunk." (0:44)

Culpeper tells Catherine Howard, referring to the edge of a cliff, "It draws you, tugs at you to hurl yourself down." (1:16)

Henry tells Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, "Love is drunkenness when one is young." (1:17)

The boom of a canon signals to Henry the execution of Catherine. (1:28)

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