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The Rose

Bette Midler, Frederic Forrest, Alan Bates
Janis Joplin | Elvis Presley | amphetamine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | secobarbital
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Her manager Rudge Campbell tells rock singer Mary Rose Foster, "I'll give them two dozen badass lawyers to drive them crazy with..." (0:08)

Rose answers a reporter: "Oh, same as everybody, you know, hanging out, having a good time, staying stoned, and getting laid." (0:10)

Rose tells the audience, "Drugs, sex, and rock and roll."
The audience repeats it with her. (0:18)

Rose tells Rudge, referring to her track marks, "The scars have healed." (0:27)

Limousine driver Huston Dyer tells Rose, referring to his hometown, "I think it's got the highest rate per capita of insanity, suicide, and incest... in the country..." (0:34)

Female impersonators in a club. A cross-dressed drug dealer: “You could run this horse all the way to Aqueduct.”
Rose: ”I don't ride the horse no more... I'm clean.”
”A bottle of tequila and no grass.”
Performer: ”In fact, I want to send her a drunk. Waiter, would you send her a drunk on me?” (0:39)

Huston tells Rose, "I think anybody that talks about themselves in the third person is looney tunes." (0:48)

Rose tells Huston, "Once when I was in high school, I got drunk one night, and I... I took on the whole football team."
”You're shocked, aren't you?”
Huston: ”No, I ain't shocked.” (0:50)

A men's bath clerk tells Rose, "Come here, you crazy lady." (0:56)

Huston tells Rose, "You got to be crazy."
”You know, you gotta be wacko.” (1:01)

Hookah next to airplane window (1:02)

Don Franks tells Rose her performance was "Insane." (1:07)

Rose tells her new bodyguard, Pfc. Mal, referring to the boy she first kissed,"... he had this Elvis Presley complex..." (1:24)

Dennis tells Rudge, referring to Rose, "Yeah, but I'm worried about her, man."
Rudge: ”Well don't worry about her...” (1:27)

Rudge tells Rose, "I loved getting hold of a selfish, hopeless junkie and turning her into a performer that they're willing to mortgage Australia for."
Rose: ”You're crazy.” (1:30)

Dennis asks Rudge, "Are you out of your mind?"
”Are you insane?”
Rudge: ”Am I insane? Look, I spent four years in the trenches with a certifiable Section 8.” (1:36)

Rose asks a guitar player, "Got any reds?" (1:40)

Drug dealer Sam tells Huston, "If you want the best joke in the world, I got whites, reds, window panes, super smack..." (1:40)

Sam gives Rose "My own works." (1:46)

Rudge: "Don't worry. Don't worry." (1:46)

Rose washes pills down with liquor (1:49)

By telephone, Rose tells Rudge, "Don't worry about me." (1:51)

Rose cooks and injects heroin. (1:55)